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Max Schireson
Max Schireson
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Dec. 8, 2014
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

Trying hard to learn to play bridge well. Stubbornly believe that is possible despite learning in my 40's.

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
The first 105 boards of the 2018 USBC round of 16, where we played ROSENTHAL to a draw. (The match was 120 boards, the last 15 were less successful).
Bridge Accomplishments
Won 9 of 17 matches to finish 10th in the 2018 USBC RR. 27th in 2018 Blue Ribbon pairs and a couple other national pairs overalls. Won 2017 GNT-C Nationals (is winning a limited event really a bridge accomplishment? Dunno...)
Regular Bridge Partners
Debbie Rosenberg, Cadir Lee, Lynn Shannon, Sarah Youngquist
ACBL Ranking
Life Master
Olivia / Miranda JUSBC
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Max and Lynn
2/1 (major suit rebid usually 6), Walsh style
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Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
Wayne, Your “flaw” doesn’t bother me. I think different players *should* be able to use their judgement to open different hands. Of course no system of checkboxes will precisely capture the judgement each player might use. I think they system I describe would, however, on balance provide more accurate ...
Is 4NT ever quantitative after a suit fit is found ?
To Michael’s point, regardless of what the asker wants to know, if the respondents are answering a different question than what the asked intended the results won’t be accurate. Surely everyone discussing bridge bidding understands this :)
Is this hand an acceptable one-level opening bid in modern bridge?
I am a big believer in disclosure, and I think using HCP as a “lingua Franca” around disclosure is sensible. What I think is wrong is when HCP overrides judgement. We should be allowed to open what we think a hand is worth, but we should have to disclose the ...
What is an Expert in EBUland?
The first (admittedly US centric) sensible definition of expert that I have heard (other than US-centric) is someone who, on a team of equal players, should be expected to make the round of 32 in the Spingold or Vanderbilt. Since this is about the top ~150 players, it should be ...
Michael, I agree with you and Ken, but I wonder if per of the reason you perceive it as common is that you are so surprised to see it. I guess I would consider one world class pair somewhat surprising, and two (not both because of the same players preference ...
Most casual partnerships are woefully short on agreements, especially around what is forcing when it is not 100% obvious. That said I think expect that most players who have agreements in their serious partnerships would expect 3D to be forcing in a pickup partnership with a peer.
What killed American Bridge--a Poll from the Year 2040.
While many of the poll answers are sources of frustration for me and things we can and should improve, I think the impact of competing forms of recreation is *much* more important than all others combined, so I only selected what I think is the primary issue.
The ridicule is less about the convention and more about its misuse. There are two ingredients to making slam: 1. You need to be able to take 12 tricks 2. They can’t be able to take 2 tricks first Gerber will tell you if you are off two aces ...
Deceiving question by declarer
Doubly ridiculous because opps had to know when he had one of the cards that he didn’t actually need their answer to know LHOs holding, so could only be asking either to avoid giving away info on other asks (which most players don’t do) or to learn what ...
Is this a way to run an organization?
Paul, Yes, watching them play on BBO is easier and doesn’t cost anything. Quite often I am amazed at the accuracy of their play. But to your point of whether we mortals have any chance at all, at other times I am stunned by the terrible mistakes that even ...

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