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Meg Craig
Meg Craig
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Feb. 13, 2012
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June 17
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Bridge Player
about me

I like kittens.

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Favorite Bridge Memory
I won some stuff a few times. That was cool.
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best dressed
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Gold Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
ACBL Losing Millions
How many BOD members would quit if their free NABC's were scrapped? Just about all of them, probably. And that might be the best thing that could happen to the game. But I suppose the BOD would have to vote on such a change... That'll be a cold ...
Betty Ann Kennedy (1930-2016)
So sorry to hear this news. Ms. Kennedy has been a family friend since before I was a bridge player, and is a big part of my inspiration to become a competitor myself. She was always kind and classy. We'll miss her.
Sexism In Bridge
I was once playing with another woman in the finals of a national event. An opponent made bad claims on two boards in a row, and when I challenged him the first time, he gave me the "oh come on, sweetheart, this is real bridge" treatment. (Yeah, in "real bridge ...
Why is it so hard to find a new partner?
Because nearly every bridge player in the world thinks they are better at the game than they are. Good luck finding someone who plays at your level and also believes you play at theirs.
The Whole Story
It's nothing short of astonishing how the committee and all the armchair judges in this case are so eager to dispense such a severe punishment for something most directors (the people who are employed to enforce the laws of the game) would likely just shrug off. All the various ...
Barring Kibitzers
Meh, I'm not a pro, just a sometimes-teacher, and I have a few students who like to come watch me play when they don't have their own games. But the majority of this willy-nilly barring happens at nationals, in national events. People who know me know there are ...
Barring Kibitzers
Chris, it happens all the time. In Phoenix, at least once per event, the opps asked our kibs to scram, always before cards were pulled. Barring a kib because they smell or they are rowdy is perfectly reasonable and I would never have a problem with that. But this week ...
Barring Kibitzers
I agree completely -- it's the kib's responsibility to behave accordingly or be asked to leave. But I'm so frustrated by opponents who repeatedly and rudely bar my kibs before a round even begins.
Barring Kibitzers
I intended the laughing and judging as silent or at the bar in the post mortem. Any actual vocal judgment deserves a good barring, for sure. That's not cool. I don't mean to sound as bitchy as I'm sure I do point about solitaire is ...
Would you trust your partner THIS much?
Don't think I can make it to Atlanta, but all future NABC+ events are up for discussion :) Do you want in on naming or tattoo rights, or have other ideas?

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