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Melanie Manfield
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May 24, 2011
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Spam or Abuse of BW membership or Legit?
I also got one from a different name.
Congratulations to John Adams
ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
I enjoyed Memphis a lot. I had not spent time there before. There were some great restaurants, and the Civil Rights Museum was amazing. I'm sure that there are other sights to see (never been to Graceland!).
ACBL's Future 2020 & Beyond (San Francisco NABC Report)
In his recent book Digital Minimalism, author Cal Newport writes about something he calls "Supercharged Sociality." He writes about a board game cafe in Toronto, and states that: "Playing games (also) provides permission for what we can call "supercharged socializing" -- interactions with higher intensity levels than are common in polite ...
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
Hi Peg, I will do that. Thanks!
Convention Cards in NABC+ events
I do know that at least one local director here insists that at least one member of a partnership keep a private score. I didn't know that it was an ACBL regulation. This presents problems for me with one of my partners who was in a very serious accident ...
If not me . . .
Just a few comments -- There are people who have posted here and people who have PMed me with some interesting ideas about potential bridge events apart from the ACBL. Maybe they'll happen, maybe they won't. That is basically what the topic of this thread is about, is it ...
My frustration with the ACBL reaches at an all time high
Here's an idea (probably needs a separate thread -- maybe in the New Year) -- What if (somehow) we changed the annual Membership meeting -- which never actually musters a quorum -- from an annual, in-person meeting at the summer NABC tournament (which, of course, many members are not able to attend), to ...
Systems Down in ACBL-Land?
At least UPS didn't show in its tracking information that a package containing a passport and a visa had been clocked in at a particular location in the customer's own state, and then lose it -- sending a trip abroad down the drain . . . . That's what happened to a ...
If not me . . .
I think a group should get together and brainstorm about something reality TV-ish. Yes, I realize that this would not be easy. Bridge is a complex game. Still -- I think that we need outside-the-box thinking to attract new blood. This is the biggest problem that needs to be solved IMO ...

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