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Meyer Kotkin
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March 11, 2011
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Play problem
I did mean from odd number. You may not be able to put much stock in anything here because there really is no reason to give true count so a random lead length card is probably best. But I would lean toward opening leader leading his longer suit unless he ...
Play problem
Playing to the Q is the play to pick up 4-0 but no one is discussing the other danger holding which occurs more frequently than the 4-0 split: stiff A vs Jxx. I think this holding merits more discussion than AJx opposite stiff since I don't think you can ...
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
You would not be drinking on an empty stomach. You would have had breakfast, coffee and lunch and then food in the hospitality suite. Strangely, in Philadelphia all that food and coffee is not free. We pay the hotel an exorbitant amount for hospitality. It might be different in your ...
ACBL Team cost vent - if it's as stupid as it looks. I'm hoping I was wrong.
I don't speak for the ACBL or other Tournament Chairs but as the Tournament Chair of the Philadelphia Regional at Valley Forge, this issue is about the extra costs my tournament incurs for different size teams. By far the major component of that extra cost is hospitality. We serve ...
Is playing the same boards in a pairs event important?
In all the tournaments I chair, I insist (politely, of course) on Web movements. There is really very little extra work preparing the necessary boards for the Web but there is indeed a danger of directors not putting out the boards correctly (yes, I was a victim of the Wernher ...
Critique This Auction with Satan
I was responder and I guess you could say I was "slam curious" up to a point. I tried to show the two suits but really wasn't sure if Satan could pass 4 or 5 after he bid 4 and I had bid all I thought ...
Critique This Auction with Satan
Interesting. It seems though at this point, some key card ask/sequence is off the table?
Critique This Auction with Satan
I wan't "compalining" or particularly unhappy. I understood what Satan was thinking (which might be frightening) even if I don't agree. I was interested in good agreements for these high level auctions and the comments here have been very good toward that end.
Critique This Auction with Satan
Of course, I might have had the spade Q, and it might have been finessable if I did not have it. It definitely was matchpoints. I don't agree that I bid it "like I was 5-4." There isn't a lot of room to show 6-4 without agreements. I ...
Critique This Auction with Satan
Good point and one of the topics I thought might be discussed. It occurred to me during the auction that if I had hearts and diamonds opposite Satan's hand, I might create a problem. My thought was that 4 would then set hearts and anything else sets diamonds ...
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