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How many Countries can you represent in your life?
@Norman: I think that you understood me just fine. If there is a SOCIAL reason to have women's games, then the requirements to be classified a women are social. If the point of having a women's game is that men don't like losing to women or vice-versa ...
Club Ruling
I have but one question: "Why you no whack?" If you don't have methods for doubling at the 3-level, surely you have them for doubling at the 4-level. I might like to adjust to -130 for N-S and +100 to E-W, but I might like to disqualify E-W from ...
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
I have said this before. I will say it again. The hormones that make you a woman may keep you short and retain fat in interesting places, but I have never heard that they hinder your ability to count or reason or intuit. I have heard some talk to the ...
The weakness of lower strats
I have said it before: "0-299 Games help improve Bridge. 0-499 Games help keep it from improving!" I have a fellow club director partner who jokes that the usual "C" strats for Open Games at Sectional and Regional tournaments seem to be "Zero to Doug". Just about every time that ...
It's just fine to call me "Mich" (doesn't rhyme with 'bitch') or "MAR". I always refer to the various "Michael"s (whom one can't swing a dead cat around here without hitting) as "Mr".
To answer the OP's question. Most people call this convention "Gambling 3NT". Most require a solid or semi-solid minor, but do as you choose. The basic method that I use is that a 4 response is "pass or correct" with no slam interest and 4 means "I ...
How many Countries can you represent in your life?
The regulations that you quote don't contemplate the creation or combination of countries. Leave aside the politics for a moment, but, for instance, if I represented the US and then California became independent, I believe that I should be able to represent California on the first day of its ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
What's wrong with duplicate boards in KO format?
GNT Format: Going Forward
Peg: Full carryover from a 15/16-board match into a 30/32-board match shouldn't render the contest mute, but I wasn't necessarily advocating it. On the other hand, if you just met the day before and only one team was eliminated, it seems like you have, in effect ...
GNT Format: Going Forward
Three team contests should be avoided in late stages, if the general format is knockout. I played in a qualifier where we spent the first day cutting the field from 5 to 4. The second day was both choice of opponents -AND- full carryover. If you have only three eligible ...
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