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My Subjective 'Solution' to "The Greatest Play"
Phil argues in the article that having a 5-carder as the longest suit to lead is roughly 0,5 cards more than expected, when the side has 8 cards in the suit in total. He says it is roughly like a random suit being 4-3. I think that is about ...
Pass over preempt, then double a raise
Takeout. Could be a goodish, awkward hand with weak heart length.
Restricted choice?
David, I don't see the point of making a discovery play, if it either reveals nothing new or just confirms the already intended play (clubs from the top).
Side suit in a Grand Slam
Very tempting to cross to dummy with a third trump (not with a heart) and float J, planning to double finesse if covered. While this in theory is a bit inferior to banging down AK, east might not cover from Qxx fearing we have AKTxxx (or even ATxxxx).
YBTD after slow double
Result stands. The criterion is "demonstrably suggested", not "speculatively suggested".
Viking Club 1M-1NT question
I have lots of experience with this against any level of opposition. I would say having to pass is a minus, but not a big minus and not something to worry too much about. Missing 4 of that major is very rare. Much worse is being left in 1M with ...
How much credence?
Not K. Club to T and run diamonds. Then we don't have to guess.
Do bridge paradoxes exist?
It should be possible to constructs layouts at for example BAM, where contract A on average is better than contract B, B is better than C, and C is better than A. Suppose there are always 12 tricks in and NT. If are 3-2, 7 makes, and ...
South should not have passed 3NT. He has a big band in context for clubs, and north might have had a more club oriented hand than his actual holding, where slam is only marginally good.
Dirty Talk
I think an adjusted score is in order. The problem for EW is that they would very likely have gone down anyway. To make it, declarer needs to guess clubs without testing diamonds. More inspired things have happened before, though. 25% 980, 75% -50, for both sides seems about fair ...
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