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Michael Beyrouti
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March 20, 2016
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Double Dummy
My gut instinct was to duck the opening lead. Didn't work. Deleted comment upthread. Two sleepless nights later: Win club ace. Draw six rounds of trump, discarding the diamond ace but making sure to leave small diamond in dummy. Heart to the jack. Then king. Exit dummy with small ...
Double Dummy
Looking for consensus
I second the motion.
What's in a Name?
Where is that "very easy" 6NT post?
What I retained from the article is a succinct definition of a bridge player's ego: If he is a star, I'm a super nova.
Opening and Rebid with a 15-17 NT
I'm in the "most will disagree" camp.
How do you ask for aces?
North bids 3 over 3, agreed. Why should South bid 4 rather than 3NT?
The deal played itself
Very nice instructive deal. To be used for lessons. I would add a bonus question: Should North-South reach slam? If so, how?
ATB: Wrong red suit?
Agreed. However, over 3, 3 is forcing. There's plenty of room to get to 5. What's the rush?
Entering leads on Bridgemates
Very instructive deal. Those who led the ace from AQ65 allowed the contract to make with an overtrick. Those who led a diamond defeated the contract. And this in the quarterfinals of World Championships! I guess that those who lead Ace from AQxx are those who say that they don ...

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