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Michael Beyrouti
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March 20, 2016
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DEMIREV wins North American Swiss
I thought that was an ad for a battery.
Declarer play problem
You know they're going to say where's "Other".
Is this 2!c bid forcing?
Yes, thanks. I checked the CC as per Mike Ma's comment downthread and saw what you mentioned above. I haven't filled out a CC in years! I just go to the club occasionally, we say we're playing 2-over-1 and that's that. My apologies to those offended ...
Is this 2!c bid forcing?
Does this leave us with XX as the only forcing call available to responder? That doesn't seem right, for two reasons. One is that opener can pass the XX if he wishes. The second is that, the way I learned it, XX shows no fit and about 11 points ...
Is this 2!c bid forcing?
How do you force? XX? (Assuming no support for opener's suit.)
Some Deals Are Just too Tough
It doesn't, but the auction quoted above is similar to the one in your OP.
Some Deals Are Just too Tough
The sequence (1)-1-(1)-X was recently discussed here
CG 11/29/19 AM #25
Craig, I don't think East should ask for key cards, because of the void. Unfortunately, it seems that in your methods, agreeing clubs is also optional RKC. At any rate, even if he had a singleton heart, he shouldn't be asking. I am strongly against seeing the strong ...
Is there anything....
Yes there is but, sooner or later, CHO will unproof it.
BW Gives Thanks For You!
It's been a few months now that I tell myself we have discussed everything under the sun here on BridgeWinners and that soon we will run out of topics. This site is in danger of fading out. Yet, every day I wake up in the morning and see there ...

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