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Michael Bodell
Michael Bodell
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July 29, 2010
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about me

Project Manager of Silicon Valley Youth Bridge (SiVY)

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Real success in limited national events (1st NAP C, 2nd 0-1500 LM Pairs, 3/4 GNT B, 4th 0-5000 Blue Ribbons) and limited success in real national events (11th national 2-day swiss, 22nd mixed swiss, 22nd 3-day swiss, 26th fast pairs, and other low overalls)
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Silver Life Master
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Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Consider a fair coin. It has a probability of H of 0.5 and T of 0.5. Consider a T being a 1 and a H being a 0 so a success is a T. Consider now 5 flips of the coin that all come up H. In this ...
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
I agree Stephen, that's why I mentioned that one down below on this thread yesterday. ;) For good measure, you've caused me to want to share another excellent statistics related xkcd:
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
Are you accidentally playing bridge master hands? BBO will move the Q around on those for you. :)
Statistics on trumps splits in BBO
I'd invite people to review and the statistically significant link between green jelly beans and acne. I just simulated 100 different 609 splits of 5 missing trump and in 2 of the 100 had a 4=1 split more frequent than the OP and in ...
Ogust Followup (with your cards!)
I would rest in 3 opposite the 3 response to Ogust given that I bid 2NT. But it is borderline and at the table I wouldn't be in this situation as I would have just bid 4 over 2.
Precision 1D Followups
Form of scoring (MP versus IMP) matters too. I think East knowing the 1 is 11-15 or whatever knows that slam could be possible if West is a max, but East is a 4333 hand so 3nt seems quite reasonable and there isn't good other room really, as ...
USBF Invitational 1 Event this Weekend
In case it wasn't clear, I agree 100% on waiting to the future, and more over don't think this should be on Jan/USBF, who already do a terrific job. :) Just more riff-ing on the twitch suggestion from Richard.
This is plausible, but obviously an organizational challenge for a world event, that is more challenging than a Europe event, is timezones. Sure you can ask some regions to play from midnight to noon and others from 6 pm to 6 am or what not, but that is quite disruptive ...
USBF Invitational 1 Event this Weekend
In general, unrelated to any specifics about this event, it would be good to broadcast to twitch IMO. This is not for the normal bridge players that would likely still watch on BBO, nor for the health of BBO systems, but just to help capture potential twitch viewers. Unfortunately, this ...
Multiple Errors
1. Borderline. Might also depend on if your partnership makes offshape takeout doubles or not (or how offshape) as that might help tell how strong partner is or how likely they are to have the goods but be preempted. Similarly how liberally the opponents bid in 3rd seat (unfavorable). The ...

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