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Becoming more active again in bridge after years of playing very little.  Sapphire Life Master splitting his time between NYC area and Las Vegas.  Not a total mad scientist, but I do prefer strong club systems, although I will reluctantly play "2/1" (technically a treatment rather than a system IMHO).  If you're a serious yet festive strong clubber or otherwise think we might be compatible at the table, shoot me a PM.

Currently fooling around with MeckLite as written up in Dan Neill's Standard Modern Precision.

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James on Jeopardy TV show
I believe Jeopardy shows are taped well in advance of airdate. If so, this may be a clue that his reign on the show may have already come to an end--we just haven't seen it yet.
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
Something similar to this thought experiment has been conducted several times, hasn't it? Many of the cheating scandals (both recent and in decades past) have revolved around the opening leader having clues as to the correct lead, based on placement of pencils, coffee cups, deployment of cards from the ...
MOSSO--anyone have any insight as to whether this is Open-chart legal?
Thanks for clarification, Richard. A related question for those of us in ACBL-land: What would be considered to be a satisfactory pre-alert? How should the opening bids be alerted? Or perhaps some of them (such as the 1 opening) should merely be announced? I'm trying to picture how ...
MOSSO--anyone have any insight as to whether this is Open-chart legal?
MOSSO--anyone have any insight as to whether this is Open-chart legal?
I searched it. The only discussion of legality under ACBL jurisdiction had to do with the use of Kaplan Interchange (only kosher under the then-extant Mid-Chart--now no longer an issue on Open Chart, I believe). Not addressed anywhere in that thread is the issue of the general approach being legal ...
Showing spades after 1m (1!H)
I'm a Precision-er and a strong advocate of 1 showing 4+ s, with double as Sputnik but denying four cards in spades. As a practical matter, in the modern world, when RHO overcalls 1, whatever you bid (X or 1), LHO will be right there with ...
3-level responses to 1NT
I play something very similar to this, but I use the 3M calls to to show the fragment, rather than the stiff. I don't like letting them have an easy double available as a save-suggestion.
Strong club, 4c major system
In one partnership, I play Ken Rexford's system. It's a lot of fun, allowing to get you to many light distributional games that just roll home. The tough part is getting the hang of the offbeat 1 opening. Even if you decide canape is not for you ...
Your preferred defenses vs. 1NT
I like Lionel also, although my friends and I refer to it as either Grano-Astro or Tralfaz (a very "inside" joke....).
"Under strength" 2!C opening bid - ruling?
I played the common game yesterday, and played this board as East.... The South hand is described here incorrectly (for one thing, the hand as pictured here has sixteen cards). The correct hand for South is T AQ843 Q96 AQ73. With the correct hand in mind, I'll assume that ...
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