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Michael Botwin
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Nov. 29, 2015
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about me

Becoming more active again in bridge after years of playing very little.  Sapphire Life Master splitting his time between NYC area and Las Vegas.  Not a total mad scientist, but I do prefer strong club systems, although I will reluctantly play "2/1" (technically a treatment rather than a system IMHO).  If you're a serious yet festive strong clubber or otherwise think we might be compatible at the table, shoot me a PM.

Currently fooling around with MeckLite as written up in Dan Neill's Standard Modern Precision.

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No Drury in 4th seat?
I'm a strong believer in opening good chunky four-card majors in 3rd and 4th seat. As such I'm a fan of 2-way Drury--I play a slightly different version than most, but the principle is still the same. It's not all about being a passed hand, it's ...
Any converts?
Who is Mr. Avon?
Meckwell versu Cappelletti
Penalty/card-showing/power double vs weak NT is a must. Capp/Hamilton is a pretty poor defense against any range of NT, since it forces our side to the three-level whenever partner can't tolerate your major in the auctions (1NT)--2 or (1NT)--2. My preference vs ...
Recent Publications on Unusual Systems
Don't forget Dan Neill's book, Standard Modern Precision (2017), which is more or less a writeup of MeckLite, played by Greco-Hampson and other top pairs.
Putting together a Strong Club (Precision) - any insights into why and how these issues matter?
I play Precision/strong club in several different partnerships. I've been playing so long that my approach would definitely be considered "old-fashioned" by most. I'm sure that that's true, and would definitely use a MeckLite/Standard Modern Precision (a la Dan Neill) approach if I was building ...
Precision 1C-1D-1H relay and 4441 hands
I have a version of Berk/Cohen Precision notes c. 1996, which used a 2 rebid by opener after 1=1 to show strong 4441s (minimum 20+ HCP). Responder relayed with 2NT to find the singleton, opener rebid the suit one under the stiff. Obviously a low ...
Support doubles after 1!d (1!h) 1!s
In my Precision partnerships, we've agreed that 1 by responder only promises a 4-card holding in the auction 1--(1)--1. In the modern era of LOTT and "always raise with 3 card support", I think it's important to get spades in there clearly ...
Open Philadelphia Discussion Thread
Doesn't the host hotel provide parking for hotel guests?
Should ACBL allow this opening in Novice games
There is a story (supposedly true, but possibly the stuff of myth) that many years ago, MIT couldn't field a team for some inter-collegiate competition. The story goes that the team had some basic card sense, and could play or defend a hand in a somewhat competent manner, but ...
Strong Club System With Reasonable MP Utility
I've been playing Ken Rexford's MICS (Modified Italian Canape System) for awhile now and have had pretty good results with it. The book on the system is available in both dead tree and e-book format. Book itself only addresses the limited opening bids as there are plenty of ...
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