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Michael Christensen
Michael Christensen
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March 22, 2012
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July 14
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United States of America

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Becky Stevens, Stan Christie
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Board phone meeting this morning?
The hotels maybe, but the city government? Not a chance, the amount of money in play with regards to the ACBL pales in comparison to the overall financial hit they are taking for canceling the sporting events. If they are willing to cancel that, our game of chicken is pebble ...
Spam or Abuse of BW membership or Legit?
I've heard that the grammatical errors and typos are intentional as they don't want to waste time scamming people who would catch those errors. A filter test designed to filter out all but those that wouldn't notice the errors.
Does this cuebid create a game force?
Related question is 1 dbl 1 2 P 3 forcing and what does it show?
Cuebid preferred agreement
If 3 is a limit raise or better, what is 3?
Ruling & whats do you think is the best
@Michael R Well, as the negative inferences clearly make 2 natural, that is of a size suitable to be disclosed, by saying 2 is natural. If he should have disclosed the source of that negative inference by stating that X is takeout and 1NT by a passed hand ...
Ruling & whats do you think is the best
@David, Ed and Michael R You are too hung up on the specific case and not the consequences of it being true, lets say irrefutable true, as in behind screens and written down immediately upon bid by the person who bid it. If it were to change the ruling, than ...
Ruling & whats do you think is the best
>To me, that is living in a fantasy world. The point I was trying to get at, is if he had(say behind screens and he wrote as much to his screen mate), would the ruling change, despite that their was still no prior specific discussion to this auction. I ...
Ruling & whats do you think is the best
How would all you MI proponents opinion change if the east hand claimed to know that their bid was natural and that he psyced. As I do have an agreement to play sandwich NT by passed hands and as with the nearly redundant X, would cover this hand type, I ...
Chris Gibson's bidding problem: T982 J652 K9864 ---
I am going to make a forcing bid showing , 1nt in my methods. I am going to create chaos when I have a great fit and am willing to sac against their balance of power. And if partner is on lead against spades, I want a lead.
Michael Christensen's bidding problem: J63 J97 JT4 K654
Update auction, missed a pass

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