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Michael Goetze
Michael Goetze
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Aug. 28, 2015
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June 20, 2017
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about me

Transfer Walsh player from Germany. NGS rank AC.


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Should 1nt-2nt show 8-9 hcp or just 8 hcp?
> The break even figure for 3nt is 24 hcp I believe I wonder where this belief comes from.
What is wrong wih 1 NT range 14-16 ?
Keep going, and you may eventually reinvent Mike Bell's TriBal system. ;)
Does 5NT (2KC + a useful void) deny Q of trumps, if so how do you ask Q of Trump?
> Except if you play 6C asks where the void is… I feel like you shouldn't bid 5NT in the first place if partner isn't going to be able to figure out on his own where the void is.
A poll, on people's reactions to the recent F-S press release
Why is "LOL" not a poll option?
Standard followups to Minor Suit Transfers
> how do you bid a 2335 hand with slam interest opposite a 1NT opening? Via Puppet Stayman, of course. ;)
Opening a strong 2!C with just clubs
Could you please tag your article title with something like "[ACBL] Opening a strong 2 with just clubs" ... so that I know it's a regulation issue which I don't want to click on rather than a bidding issue which I do? (I do sometimes care about regulation ...
Standard followups to Minor Suit Transfers
Heh... playing with me, it's always best to assume the American style. ;) Indeed I learned (from Americans) that shortness is the default, but I recently found that some here in Germany don't consider it normal. Perhaps it is a leftover, as Germany has been undergoing a transition from ...
Transfers over 1C
> “the aforementioned novice duplicate”………….Huh? Did you not read Kieran Dyke's comment?
Transfers over 1C
> There should be a way to test out new methods………..legally There is ... you go to the aforementioned novice duplicate.
Transfers over 1C
System on over 1-(1) works very well, of course, when the opponents don't compete further; but when they do compete further it's much nicer to know whether responder has 1 major or both of them. So for now I'm playing system off over 1 ...

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