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Sept. 11, 2018
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Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
What I distasted most is that Meckstroth, who was understandably unhappy with declarer's unwillingness to accept the undo, was later accused to have put the declarer off by arguing on that matter, so that she miscounted her aces in a slam auction on a later board. The arguments took ...
Undo or No undo ?
The misclicking declarer was Rodwell. The misclicking leader was Meckstroth. Just to put that right.
Who is Einar?
Raptor's use of the cuebid is rather straight forward. Asking for the unknown major or showing a good raise of partner's known major isn't a "creative" move IMO.
Can you defend to best advantage
K tends to block the suit which might give some options to declarer if he guesses the position. A small diamond should be better as partner will find out about the position soon (probably at trick 2 as declarer shows out).
Can you defend to best advantage
I think that when you tap declarer starting with a low diamond at trick 2, declarer will only make his own five trumps plus either a heart ruff in dummy and a heart trick in his hand or two heart ruffs in dummy. I dont see where his 8th trick ...
BIT following 1m-2M; 2M-3nt vs 4M
Pragmatic players need no agreements concerning bids that "end the auction". Other players use such agreements to decide the post-mortem.
Writing style question
In general statements ("Overcaller should lead his own suit." or "Responder is expected to raise.") I wouldn't use an article. But when talking of a single incident ("The overcaller rebid his suit twice." or "The opponent was intimidated by the strong bidding.") I think using an article is appropriate.
Bidding a 19 HCP Slam
@Bernard: If you consider bidding KQTxxx the same as Axxxxx when partner supports the other major, that makes the difference to the players at the table.
Gimme More Aces and Spaces
I don't know your exact methodology but it seems to me that a sample size of 2K isn't by far big enough to draw valid conclusions. If 4A+8 pts once gets 41.4% and next time 43.4% you cannot deduce that 4A+8 is better than ...
Invitations and Acceptances
@Bill: You should assume that game makes more often when an invitation is accepted than when not. So assuming 20-40-40 both for accept and decline cannot lead to correct conclusions.
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