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Michael Hargreaves
Michael Hargreaves
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Sept. 5, 2013
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about me

Canadian player living in Victoria, B.C. Back playing after 4+ years not playing. 3 time Canadian Open Team champion.


As declarer, have gone down 12 undoubled tricks in a slam, and 10 undoubled at the 4-level: clearly i could have either bid or played the hands differently.


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Favorite Bridge Memory
The first time we won the Canadian team a 4 player team....profoundly tired....and then the feeling that spread thru my body after we finished comparing scores on the last segment.
Bridge Accomplishments
3 canadian team championship titles
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michael roche
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Favorite Tournaments
used to be the CNTC event.
Favorite Conventions
2/1 with relay, but nobody plays it:)
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(3m) - X - (p) - 4NT ?
Well, I assume that you have some idea of what a minimum takeout double looks like, and a quantitative 4N suggests partner pass with that, and bid on with, say, the equivalent of a king more than that.
Overcall with weak suit?
An overcall in this situation is seldom about reaching a game: it is about competing for a partscore and/or directing a lead. The weaker the suit, the less we want partner to lead it, unless he was leading it of his own volition. In addition, the weaker the suit ...
I would take 3H as fit-showing. The heart-spade issue is problematic, but I think it is actually worse for a heart bid than for a double, given that opener will play us for more than we have, in terms of strength, with the former. Bear in mind that in my ...
Ok, I am obviously out of step with everyone else, but I would not bid 2H as West: I would make a negative double, intending to bid 3H next if permitted. xx in spades, a stiff in partner's suit, a soft 9 count, no Aces: I am not sure ...
A Bridge Swifty
'Sorry, partner, I played that too quickly' Tom admitted rapidly 'no way I could picture him with a void' said Tom, staring blankly 'Good thing I ducked in tempo' said Tom, smoothly 'What could I do? My KQ was doubleton' said Tom, tightly 'You were cold for game, partner' said ...
Tanking to get a read
I think it was Reese who said or wrote something to the effect that if an average player could read what an expert was thinking about on most hands, the average player wouldn't believe it. Here, I can't imagine being declarer and playing in any sort of reasonable ...
Tanking to get a read
Hi Peg When I am given static by an opponent, because I am thinking, my response is often to the effect that: 'I was thinking about the hand. Now you've disrupted my thought process and I have to start all over again' Also, I don't know the player ...
Two rounds of competitive bidding
Frances, this 3C bidder is bidding 4S over 4H. Yes, I am trusting the opps, but I expect a double-fit on this auction, since in my partnerships we do not play elc. There is a good chance, if partner has 4 spades and LHO bids 4H, that one or both ...
ATB - lousy slam
Not sure that it makes any difference to the final result, but why did it take so long for east to raise diamonds? The only time he showed his support was when he jumped to the borderline slam. I can understand 2N, since partner will often have 4 diamonds, and ...
Keycard response with ten trump
learn kickback. The fact that you can't tell whether you have or are missing the trump queen may not have cost you, but that is pure happenstance. Being unable to show the trump Queen is a significant problem for a serious partnership.
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