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March 25, 2012
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Is filing a recorder form warranted.
Unplayably wide. I suspect nv 10+-14, vul 13-15.
San Diego NABC Appeals Casebook with commentary available online
What is the practice on naming? Is it no names in lower ranked events? If so, fine.
There's No Justice in Bridge
I don't want to argue. I am old and learned bridge in the mid 60s. I have played on the internet but not in years. My personal bridge history is hardly bounded by the internet. I am reasonably well read in bridge history. Although I didn't know we ...
There's No Justice in Bridge
@S. Bloom; "We still play one of a major non-forcing over a double" Why the word "still." Is that supposed to be a time-honored thing? No, Steve, treating 1M as forcing is the time-honored thing. Also, the methods are being blamed not because they are not our methods but because ...
Opener's splinters after a 2-over-1
Would be clearer if s in the diagram were ???
Opener's splinters after a 2-over-1
"There is no good reason to jump to 3N." In a strong context this may be true. Even without, it may also be true if you open all in-range 5233 hands 1NT. Otherwise, it might be useful to distinguish NT ranges so 2NT doesn't do the work of ...
There's No Justice in Bridge
Apparently not, as they had an 8 card fit. Redouble was a basic intermediate blunder.
Ron Steele's bidding problem: --- A84 AKJT97 QT74
Holding 4s is a flaw but otherwise 3 by an unpassed hand is perfect with this. Preempts in front of partner should be largely aimed at making our side's constructive bidding more effective. Those bidding a KJXXXX suit have another view.
ACBL Dues Revenue Flow: Bad for Recruitment
"The Unit does operate its own facility. " There would be revolution in my Unit were this so, as the Unit is large geographically.
There's No Justice in Bridge
Quite likely, your partner should have responded 1 unless she enjoys introducing 5 card suits cold at a high level.
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