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Michael Johnstone
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Oct. 15, 2013
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Mediator and bridge enthusiast for as long as I can remember

New Zealand

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1S--1NT--2C--(X)--XX ??
I don't have support for you and I think we might have 8 tricks in if opener has some support
Teaching Beginners
In New Zealand, our national body, NZBridge, has provided a set of 10 lessons for beginners (teaching 4 card Acol). The first lesson starts with mini-bridge and then progresses from there. The course details can be found here: As you can see there ...
What do you play over 1N (2!D), 1 Major?
Double shows Diamond suit and not suitable to bid 3. Encourages opener to 'raise' with good support and suitable hand.
Sabine Auken & Krzysztof Martens Inducted into the EBL Hall of Fame
A richly deserved recognition for both of them!
Sorting search results by date
@Steve I searched Google for "Margaret, I like this idea." and got your comment, so that can work. However I agree that it would be great if there were better search functions within Bridgewinners. I would like the ability to be able to create a tag for conversations ...
The 2!D F/NF f2f poll
@Eric As I understand it, in Acol if the bidding goes 1 1 2 the 2 bid limits the hand to 15 points so responder can pass. 'The barrier' Ian referred to is the opening suit so if opener's rebid is higher than the opening ...
Beat A HOFer
Sorry, I meant 1 was a underbid. It should show 0-8 points in Hearts and on a bad day could be a 3 card suit. I have edited my reply above.
Beat A HOFer
1 from N is a complete underbid. With 7 losers game is very likely in 3 suits. I would bid 2 and at least invite game.
Systems on?
No we haven't but the basic principle is that partner has opened 1NT and there has been an overcall so we would not vary our approach simply because the overcall was an insufficient bid.
Systems on?
We would play it as natural. Partner has opened 1NT and there has been an overcall. So our system over overcalls is on, despite the insufficient bid.

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