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Michael Kamil
Michael Kamil
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Michael Kamil is suspended from posting until July 20, 2026 . Reason: Deleting content

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Oct. 20, 2010
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17 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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Gabrielle Sherman-Mike Kamil
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Jay Whipple/Michael Kamil
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Zia Mahmood - Mike Kamil
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Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
Well, thank you for the example Ray. With your above post we know why we desperately need people like JoAnna here. I do beg to differ with one of your demeaning ideas. At least JoAnna contributes. You apparently just "contribute".
Dead Duck
Funny what you say Neil. I didn't unblock the eight, but had a feeling I should have from trick two on. I kept looking for some way to get rid of it!
Dead Duck
Yup's a good one. Do you think Geir figured out that it didn't matter whether he played the 10 or 6 of diamonds at trick one?!? I suppose if he did, it's time for us to take up canasta (I know - he's probably good ...
Dead Duck
Neil, Apparently it's a more interesting hand than I thought. Firstly, he didn't play the 10. But actually I think it doesn't matter. If we go along the line you suggest, I think he rises with the ace and returns another heart. Then you say, "3 spades ...
Dead Duck
Finally fixed Yuan....thanks :)
Dead Duck
I tried to edit now. Thing was that I wanted to put an exclamation point with the 1...I think that screwed things up.
Dead Duck
On my end I see all passes. Perhaps a bug?
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
I was channeling Red Barber.
Silencing Gabrielle Sherman
Manager Kamil bounds out of the dugout.... "Hey Umps - wait just a second here...they batted out of order, twice!" "First MM gets up to bat, then PK....all fine. Now MM is their next batter...and she goes three times in a row!! Okay, okay...I understand that I ...

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