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Michael Kopera
Michael Kopera
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July 23, 2010
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Bridge Player
about me

Have played professionally occasionally the last few years, would be happy to do so more frequently. I normally play locally (CT, NJ, NYC), but would certainly consider travelling, especially to a Nationals or Gatlinburg. Send me a Private Message if interested.

United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Being a teammate of Bill Gates.
Bridge Accomplishments
Making 4SXX after Al Roth overcalled 1S (Barbara doubled, not Al :)
Favorite Conventions
Takeout doubles
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ACBL Ranking
Diamond Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Some rulings questions
Or 4...
Some rulings questions
Case 1: why did partner pass 3s?
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
I happen to have that [i]TBW[/i] article, it discusses 3 artificial Notrump bids: 1) after opener's reverse or jump[shift, 2) a GF msjor raise, and 3) 3NT after a (strong) 2-bid or jump-shift. [i]No[/i] mention of 2NT as a forcing major raise ...
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
Monroe Ingberman has been credited with bidding after reverses, fragment bids, using [i]3NT[/i] as a forcing raise after 1M. I've never heard Jacoby 2NT credited to him, nor did I find any such suggestion using google. I've seen many references that [i]Oswald[/i] Jacoby invented ...
Just a neat deal from junior practice
Point taken, thx.
Just a neat deal from junior practice
West [i]could[/i] have ducked the K -- I'd rate that as highly unlikely, and if he, did he had the contract set by winning it (and continuing s).
Craig Biddle's bidding problem: Q42 KJ3 K765 Q32
"The actual hand is not worth 10 points." K&R (Q42 KJ3 K765 Q32) = 8.85 4333, no aces, unsupported honors, no wonder.
Just a neat deal from junior practice
Well, (on the face of it) what it gave declarer a chance to think about was East having a doubleton , that is the [i]last[/i] thing East wanted. Wheels within wheels excepted. Still, nice to be on partner's side...
Mortons fork and strip squeeze- dinner and a show
"My 6♣ hand wasn't played under sanctioned bridge but by law it is a breach of ethics to accept a conceded trick that can't be won under any circumstance...Do I have to explain I can't possibly have two club tricks?" No breach here, it is easy ...
Just a neat deal from junior practice
Well, declarer [i]didn't[/i] do that, instead continued s. Indeed, why shouldn't declarer do so? If the J is an honest card and the s are 2-2, the ruff will be with the A.

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