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Michael Low
Michael Low
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June 14, 2013
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ATB -- Missed slam
With all those prime cards in the other suits, yes. A minimum splinter.
Michał Kaleta's bidding problem: A6 AT6 764 87632
So is it - x AKQxxx AKJxxx?
Michal Czerwonko's bidding problem: KJT7xxx AQxx Kx ---
I would have opened this hand 3 in fourth seat.
Assign the blame
Of course double- dummy 5! can make.
4 is a pretty good contract, much better than 3NT. Opener could rebid 3 over 2NT. 4 needs either red suit to be 3-3, with hearts no worse than 4-2, and no spade ruff by the defense.
Christopher Donnelly's bidding problem: 2 AK75 --- KQJ97653
Just hoping ATxx isn’t behind you
Stu Goodgold's bidding problem: T5 JT5 AQ82 AK42
The next call will be for the director.
Daisuke Sugimoto's lead problem: 32 T5 JT876 T432
Did we forget who’s on lead?
Jean-Charles Allavena's lead problem: T4 5 7643 AQJTxx
Would have bid 3 over 1.
Jack Spear's bidding problem: AJ82 32 KQJT82 A
West and North have 11 clubs between them. Partner could be 1-4-2-6 with 0-2 points.
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