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Michael Murphy
Michael Murphy
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July 6, 2012
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Dec. 12, 2019
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Bridge Player
about me

Looking to learn more and have fun. My questions usually are not rhetorical.

Rob Brady taught me most of the smart things I know about bridge and much more that I have forgotten.

Estate planning lawyer in Fairfax, VA.

United States of America

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2/1, xyz, walsh, kickback; 3d even/Low odd in suits
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Non Life Master
Michael Murphy 2/1
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Michael Murphy + Joe Veal
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Vanilla 2/1 agreements
2/1 with Jacoby/Texas transfers; forcing NT; weak jumps
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Report and Ruling of the Hearing of the WBF Disciplinary Commision
minor slam ace asking!
For pick-up partnerships normal RKC is fine and avoids confusion; after a session or two adding Kickback seems best. I think Kickback (=Redwood), is best because it has an advantage over Minorwood in that more often we will want to bid 4m naturally, often suggesting that partner bid Kickback. It ...
Fantasy Brackets open tonight
Feature request: show final (and, if practical, current) scores of the matches when looking at my bracket. All other major Fantasy Vanderbilt bracket providers do this.
Michael Murphy's bidding problem: AT9 A76 A8 A8754
I'm certainly open to playing a different structure over 1m 2m in the future and welcome the suggestions. However, I don't think having the initial rebid show stoppers is actually bad once you are used to it. Using our present system, Sam & I both agreed that my hand ...
Michael Murphy's bidding problem: AT9 A76 A8 A8754
I held the other hand, it was balanced junk, and 3NT was the right spot (4NT is very hard to defeat single dummy, as is 5, but 3NT is cold). I think pass over 3NT is right, but we should not be there in the first place. Instead of ...
Michael Murphy's bidding problem: AT9 A76 A8 A8754
Thanks for all the replies. Our current methods are singularly oriented towards ensuring opponents don't have a running suit against our 3NT (as 1m 2m denies 4cM). If we are missing a control and bypass 3NT, the minor game is indicated, and slam becomes possible on lower HCP hands ...
Michael Murphy's bidding problem: AT9 A76 A8 A8754
What shall we bid instead? 3NT directly?
Play 3N
My worry about cashing AK is that the entire universe of hands where it benefits are where N has precisely the honors {AQ + Q + Q} or {Q + Q + Q}. If N would have bid with the first set of honors, N must hold ...
Play 3N
My vote for the finesse was influenced by a cursory analysis of the bidding and opening lead. We don't have clear information, but we may have some inferences: With JTxxx (or even AJTxxx) and no outside entry, S may have found a different lead. S rates to have ...
Yuan Shen's lead problem: K5 AT942 JT QJ97
If partnership style permits JTxxxx or worse, I do not lead K. Otherwise, it seems the best bet to beat this. If partner has QJTxxx and no entries, or otherwise discourages , I may be able to switch after trick one with little harm done.

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