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Board 16 - Round of 16, First Segment - USA vs Spain
The result on B15 at Hampson's table is of more interest. They played 3N down with 4 Hearts bid and made at the other table. Their opponents bidding was blamed and TD called. Presumably result was not adjusted and I wonder why.
Open DC Discussion Thread
At the recent European Championship in Hungary all matches played the same hands each round. About 80 teams in all and no problems with security, starting times etc.
Open DC Discussion Thread
Spingold QF and different boards played in each match. Anyone know why? Will it be the same in the SF?
Responding to a Precision short Diamond
I suggest a rebid of 2N by opener shows 4 card support and an unspecified singleton. 3C asks then 3D = club shortage and 3H = spade shortage.
Bridge Software for entering deals, positions and write ups
Bridge Composer is excellent and as you say inexpensive. You can download a full working version for free and try it for 30 days.
Responses to 1N-2S rangefinder
After the range enquiry I have found this scheme works well: 1. 2NT minimum. 2. 3C max and one 4 card M (3D then asks) 3. 3D max and no four or five card M. 4. 3M max and five card M 5. 3NT max and both M (four card)
A slightly different approach then an amateur event.
Would they include Maiden Chases and Maiden Hurdles?
Light Openings and 2/1
Yes that puts it better. In general do partners with these methods need 14 hcp for a 2/1 response.
Handling interference over a strong club
What's the problem. diamond lead, clubs 3/3 and spades 2/2, make 6. E /W bidding could not be better.
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