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Michael Ranis
Michael Ranis
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Dec. 13, 2010
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June 15
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Michael Ranis's bidding problem: KJ86 --- AJ9862 AK7
Partner's hand was AQx AJ9x x Qxxxx...the 2h bidder had x KQxxxx KT and Jxxx...the diamond slam rolled when a heart was led and the miraculous diamond holding allowed only one diamond loser...our VERY BAD auction was 1c (2h) x (p) 2NT me 3H partner 3NT ...
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: KJ86 --- AJ9862 AK7
Thanks Bruce and Richard; I hope to get more votes in before I show you what Roth would have called the "at the table" cards..
Michael Ranis's bidding problem: AQ9732 AT963 --- T8
Thanks Bruce; My intermediates are a bit anemic for a 2s bid i thought..would rather have AQT9xx AJTxx to avoid a disaster...vul at mps
Partner / Teammate Needed for Vegas
Hello Allan, Please send me an email to if interested. I am available for most days. I played with Brian Callaghan when I lived in London (2006-2010) and won the Sunday Swiss Pairs. I also played with him in the Premier League one year (we finished a ...
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: AT73 A654 AT 865
Just put the HQ where it belongs:-) with West
Mixed BAM precision auction - What is the worst bid?
choice of games? between what and what?
Ulf Nilsson's bidding problem: AT73 A654 AT 865
The outcome on this hand is random; next time it is Kx ppposite j in spades and a 5 imp win for the other side
Michael Ranis's lead problem: AJ5 J965 8532 75
Sorry, I thought that I answered already; a trump lead beats it two!! a Heart lead beats it 1; the popular Spade Ace lead gives the contract. The combined hands were: declarer: Kxx AQtx AKQJx J dummy: xx Kxx Tx AKt8xx Yes, the bidding was crazy but "it worked" for ...
Martin Hoffman 1929-2018
I lived in London from 2005-2010, often played at the YCBC and met Martin there ( I already knew of him from his writings). He told me an abbreviated version of Peters' account because I was partly Israeli and partly American,and because he was charming and liked to share his ...
Michael Ranis's lead problem: AJ5 J965 8532 75
at the table the spade ace lead would regretfully allow you to see both...liked your funny comment

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