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March 30, 2011
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about me

2 NABC wins in Mixed BAM. Added a 3rd with LM pairs in Atlanta 2018.

5 Canadian Team Championships wins

Finally hit 10k to become GLM. 50 years X 200. Play better or play more


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Mike Hargreaves Daniel Lyder Karen Cumpstone.
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Grand Life Master
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Disappointed to see so many votes for the wrong answer,
What is partner showing?
I think that North might have opened 1H in 3rd seat with 4-4 in the Majors. Or as others have said, North is now making what they feel is the best bid. In either situation why is South thinking?
Moule tea (and I don't mean mussel soup)
RTN. Read the notes. Until the ACBL legitimizes Multi you get to read the written defences. In 2038 you’ll be on your own.
more clerihews
I knew a bridge player named Kwei Whose homeland was far far away When asked to explain why he didn’t bid game His answer was Je ne sais quoi. Ok not great and off topic. But I’ve always liked the expression Je ne sais quoi.
Is this call alertable?
1N (P) 2C (X) - as a lead director is a fairly common sequence. Most pairs have encountered this at sometime in their playing history. Having an agreement that Pass suggests a willingness to play there and that XX is a stronger suggestion to play in Clubs is alertable in my ...
Is this call alertable?
Sam. It’s your system but if Pass of 1S X could be the same hand with Ax or AJx of Spades I’d be more understanding. But if Pass says I’ve got decent Spades let’s play here if you can stand it, then you have to Alert ...
Is this call alertable?
To better understand this discussion, try flipping the Majors in the original presentation. If the system dictates a bid other than Pass you will be able to understand why the Pass of 1S X should be alertable.
Is this call alertable?
If you would bid differently with 0 1 2 or 3 Spades, then of course the Pass must be alerted.
Summer NABC Moved
I played against Eddie Kantar in the Reisinger so many times in the tournament. He said they kept calling the round and the same pair kept coming back.
Online K.O. Tournaments by Tom Reynolds
Agree with what Tom said. Even if no undos captains could have resolved things. Was an obvious misclick.
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