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Michael Roche
Michael Roche
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March 30, 2011
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8 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

2 NABC wins in Mixed BAM. Happy to add LM pairs in Atlanta

5 Canadian Team Championships wins



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Regular Bridge Partners
Mike Hargreaves John Rayner Daniel Lyder Karen Cumpstone. I guess I have to add John Carruthers now was well :)
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Emerald Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Forcing or Not?
In the old days you asked the better players for their opinion. You listened and formed an agreement and moved along. At higher levels the agreement became universal. BW is a great forum for exchanging ideas, but the expert consensus is often unverifiable.
What are your pet peeves?
People who ask about pet peeves. But seriously, no convention card is at the top of the list for tournament play. People who play their card before it’s their turn. This my 3rd update. I may have more. Indeed I have many more but others are doing well at ...
Why do I need a convention card?
When I play weak NT, we treat all X as Penalty. Whatever their card says doesn’t matter. That way if they forget or have a brilliant pass of the X we are on the same page. So we run when we should and we pass 1NX’d when we ...
ACBL's Flawed Masterpoint Formulas
If I may paraphrase Jeff’s viewpoint, it would be that the pair in question might be out of their depth in non-limited games which will reduce their enjoyment factor and result in them playing less. I think that is possible, but I have a proposed solution. It would be ...
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
The senior events are exempt from testing.
lebensohl after weak 2 and takeout X
I look forward to playing. I’m in the number 2 camp, but I doubt many play this way.
WBF Anti-Doping Regulations
The process for obtaining an exemption is not onerous, but it is a pain and slightly invasive. Part of the price to pretend we will one day be part of the IOC.
What do you return at trick two?
In my opinion there is no chance that partner will win and shift to a Club, absent some tempo information. Seriously,if you had a Heart more and a Diamond less the Diamond return would be automatic for down 1.
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
"If a pair using it looks like solid citizens rather than would-be cat burglars". Reminds me of a Reese comment years ago (I think) "How did I know she would psyche? She had a bag full of knitting on her lap"
Define Your Bids Before I Tell You My Defense
I think this is exactly right. We don't care what you pretend your range is.
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