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Michael Rosenberg
Michael Rosenberg
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Dec. 25, 2010
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about me

I am a full time professional player, and have been so since 2004 (before that, I was semi-professional). I play in all the Nationals, a few Regionals, and do a little online teaching. My wife Debbie is also a full-time professional. We have a son, Kevin. I have two daughters, Ivana and Jahna, from a previous marriage

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Favorite Bridge Memory
Winning the 1994 Rosenblum
Bridge Accomplishments
Winner of Rosenblum, 1998 Par Contest, 5 US Trials, Spingold(2), Vanderbilt(2), Reisinger(2), More
Regular Bridge Partners
Zia Mahmood, Debbie Rosenberg, Chris Willenken
Favorite Tournaments
World Championship(any), US Trials
Favorite Conventions
KeyCard Blackwood, Transfers, Jacoby 2N
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Grand Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Declining the revoke penalty
Kieran: How about leading from the wrong hand when it cannot hurt you to do so? Why is there zero penalty for THAT illegal play - which, even if not deliberate, is sometimes done subconsciously because declarer 'wants' to be in that hand? And, btw, they sometimes get away with it.
Assume It Is Off
Excellent analysis (I think) of how to think about the play of this hand. Most wouldn't play before . As I was reading the argument (with which I agree) of J over 9, it occurred to me there was no mention of 9 gaining against H108x with East ...
Assume It Is Off
I sense a certain amount of BS in the auction here - as I often see in FSF or 2/1 auctions. I'm not blaming Kit for this. It's so pervasive it's difficult to get away from. Discussing whether opener should continue over 3N, Kit suggested that opener ...
Declining the revoke penalty
Ed: "“I don't want to win this way” is not a valid cause; perhaps you can find a valid one." How about 'the revoke didn't make any difference'? Or how about 'This law is really stupid - maybe we should start a movement change it, and this ...
Takeout or Penalty
Do we really want the discussion in the non-Intermediate forum on Bridgewinners to center around what is the optimal way to win your local Club game?
"The organizations that have play 'by invitation' cannot openly express their response before an application is made" As Greg says, "Why?" Why not say 'convicted cheats need not apply'? And then list them. At the very least, this should include convicted cheats who have not confessed.
Michael Rosenberg's lead problem: 632 A953 QJ72 T9
I think the simulations are meaningless. Not because the 'correct' criteria are really difficult to determine. But because the simulation presumes that, after the opening lead, everybody will play double-dummy. In case you haven't noticed, we play bridge single-dummy. Not only are mistakes going to be made by the ...
Takeout or Penalty
"...ops, who know they can get away with literally anything and won't be penalised." Except when: A) One opponent has a TO double, and the other has a penalty pass OR B) You run into one of the situations the pair has actually agreed ass penalty. In addition, you ...
Takeout or Penalty
The double of 1N in that auction is Penalty in Standard - though many experts don't play it that way - or even know that.
Takeout or Penalty
Ok, that's very different from the "rule" you originally gave. Not optimal on some auctions, but at least, with that added, it's reasonable.

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