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Michael Wilkinson
Michael Wilkinson
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June 30, 2010
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Australian Open Team 2014, 2015
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Spring Foursomes in Stratford-on-Avon
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Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: QT A953 KT97653 ---
This might be true - but when partner wants to play 3NT opposite a hand like this it is no longer possible.
Karen (Kate) McCallum's bidding problem: QT A953 KT97653 ---
If the auction is as shown - I can't imagine I would act now - I suspect the auction was different though.
Board 30 Bermuda Bowl 2011 USA2 v Italy
Ours was 2 P P 2 P P X XX P P 3 P P 3 all pass Good to have agreements about passes after redoubles - I would have played this one as penalties (only not penalties at the 1-level)
Board 22 - May 14
Obviously running into a 6-0 trump break is unlucky - but nonetheless it feels right for west to try to play in one of their suits. Partner opened the bidding and we have a 6-5 with two bare aces - surely hearts rates to play better than spades?
What is double?
Well spotted Richard - does it actually change your opinion of what double is though?
What is double?
The actual Table auction was 1H (X) 4D (4S) ? Would that make anyone think differently about the situation?
What is double?
My semantic choices might not be best and if you played pass as forcing then I guess you could invert the standard meanings - but given the tightly defined nature of partner's hand it feels warped to do so to me - we should be able to defend undoubled.
What is double?
Many thanks to those who responded and voted - to be clear on my position - I suggested to someone recently that no-one in the world plays double as anything but penalties after a fit showing jump and was told this showed my complete lack of bridge experience - given the amount of ...
Michael Wilkinson's bidding problem: T AQT983 Q8 AJT2
Thanks - for a ruling, now made.
Frances Hinden's bidding problem: 974 --- AK8642 AK72
It's impossible to answer this question without more details of the pairs agreements.

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