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Michal Czerwonko
Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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Nov. 6, 2019
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bridge player

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Rating Study from ACBL Tournaments
I do not understand why do you have three variables in one of the plots since it's rating vs. observed as far as I understood. Second, what are the other central moments since you provided only standard deviation around the mean % score.
Playing Dirty with Bots
Wow! That's really something. Keeping cards in a suit in which there are still remaining cards instead of the one that do not would be a good starting point for BBO bots. I think I'd like to switch to not speaking terms if you don't mind.
Lost in Translation?
Yeah, I filly silly about that since I've lost interest in face-to-face ideological disputes some 30 years ago, yet on a site related to bridge I can't resist acting up if provoked.
It's ATB Time
That's fabulously fantastic that experts have superior treatments. But why and why North thought that this misfit hand has to raise the bidding level to at least two?
Lost in Translation?
I'm kinda forced to be on this site since reading something interesting on bridge is the best for a break from my work I can perhaps unfortunately imagine. That makes me come back in spite of what I think about a ridiculous in my opinion answer I received from ...
Playing Dirty with Bots
I don't assume that, but I wish they did. I haven't read the Nash paper but from my courses in game theory this equilibrium in the given context corresponds to the best play given the best play by the opponent. As usual, my roughly general expertise brings the ...
Lost in Translation?
Do I correctly understand that there exist rather plenty of humans educated in the realm of Western universities who think that critical/satirical exposure of feminism with the use of characters like Molly the Mule is ethically wrong?
Lost in Translation?
As far as I know establishing a nazi party is illegal in the Western world. Given comparatively low count of victims of nazis relative to commies, I do not understand why communist parties remain legal. Of course, the idea of jail or asylum for merely having potentially dangerous political views ...
Lost in Translation?
Norman, I'm positive you smoke cigarettes in every means of public transportation since Hitler was the first who banned that.
It's ATB Time
How often you see anybody converts it to penalty under the bidder, and even if they do partner with Q7xxx may do something useful? It's way more often they catch you for profit when you unilaterally shift the contract level up on a misfit. Perhaps against opponents in clubs ...
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