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Michal Czerwonko
Michal Czerwonko
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Sept. 28, 2015
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What is the right thing to do?
There could be the only reason to allow retracting pass: testing South if he's a bridge player. If you really hate him and he accepts, you have a story for ages.
Takeout or Penalty
Seems like a reasonable approach against LOLS, LOGS and the mixtures of those
Takeout or Penalty
Interested to see a hand that didn't want to compete to the two level and wants to compete to the three level
Robert Schachter's bidding problem: A5 84 Q7432 KQJ7
Close, I'd open with some texture in s
Assign blame
Opposite a misfit, there is little offense in South hand and thus I don't see how invoking ODR may justify bidding. South pass was good, disciplined bridge
Assign blame
South becomes a strong candidate for the annual bridge ethics award
Hawaii NABC Needs Your Support
I hope BoD will have a great time in Hawaii discussing how to run the ACBL operations well from the financial standpoint. If we could only resurrect Ionesco to be a scribe at BoD meetings!
ATB - reaching a bad slam
I agree that bidding more with Craig's hand would work well for this particular deal. Other than that I think that pressured 3M should be relatively wide ranging, that is, from 'great' minimum to a lower range of 3M jump without competition. 3 with Craig's hand is ...
A not-so-"minor" problem
Sorry, Chris - late hour ;-)
ATB - reaching a bad slam
I agree with pressured 3 as a 'great' minimum hand but it seems that neither partner knew what to do next. I don't think that North's hand was worth more than a non-serious try and 3N as such would help to sort out the problem of the ...
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