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Mikael Velschow-Rasmussen
Mikael Velschow-Rasmussen
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Basic Information

Member Since
Oct. 12, 2010
Last Seen
June 30
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Bridge Player
about me

Still trying to learn ... :-)

Bridge is a fascinating game ...

In professional life Senior Datacommunications analyst/advisor


Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Playing and winning CPH open mix 2012 with Bettina Kalkerup (Olympic champ), Playing and winning CPH open qual. 2009 with Dennis Bilde (2 times Junior World Champion - AND NOW also VanderBilde !!)
Bridge Accomplishments
One national open pairs final (leading underway), Teams at XXV Tenerife intl. Bridge Festival 2012, DK Vingsted Festival Vinoble Open 2007, Malmø-Studen 2011 Butler winners overall, 3xMix Natl.A-finals, 2'nd in CPH regional mix final
Regular Bridge Partners
Roi Joensen (Faroe International), Yves Marquard (Best Partner ever), Preben Thaarup (Experienced Mentor), Peter Bang (wildly undisciplined)
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Studenterforeningen, Young-Sharks, Plan-B
Favorite Tournaments
Yearly Malmø(Sweden)-Studen (Copenhagen-Denmark)) Club Championship, Tenerife Intl Bridge Festival
Favorite Conventions
World of Transfers, Waiting/Camouflage Bids
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
In The Well: Boye Brogeland
Hi Boye ! First of all I'll join the cheerleading choir and say congratulations on all your deserved successes. I would also congratulate you on your super bridge magazine, which I think is the best one out there (trumping even "The Bridge World"), and your great book. Fot the deal ...
Polly Siegel's bidding problem: AQx QTxxx 9xx Ax
Easy playing transfer from opener after 1-1. Just bid 2 showing 5 hearts and 3 spades and a minimum.
Steven Allen's bidding problem: AKQx AK Tx KQ8xx
I would like the spreadsheet too ...:-) My mail is TIA Mikael
Canada's Bridge Warriors: Eric Murray and Sami Kehela
Just finished reading this again (the third time). It's a classic ! I think Kehela is undoubtedly the best bridge player ever not to win a Bermuda Bowl. Highly recommended ! This book has it all; great stories, great plays, great humour.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: A32 --- K743 QJ9863
ad Bernhard: You're right ! I checked my notes: If opps opens 3Ma; 4nt is RKC after 4 other Ma but SO after 4 And if opps open 3mi; 4nt is SO.
Steve Moese's bidding problem: A32 --- K743 QJ9863
I tried the Rosenkrantz approach for a limited time, but have shifted to the following instead (we wanted 4 back as stayman): After (3x)-3ut-(p)-?: 4=Stayman, (if followed by 4nt rkc1430, if followed by 5mi sign-off) 4=sign-off in a major, (if followed by 4nt ...
Do you have more to say ?
Answer to Bob an Yuan: I'm sorry i used this format instead of the bidding poll format. I felt this was a binary issue; either bid or pass. In the future I'll use the bidding poll format. BTW: It was matchpoints
Part VI - Moving Honors Around
Well if no-one else will comment I will ! So if I try to make some simple rules. I'll be able to follow at the table. It should be: - Aces are pure don't deduct anything from SF+3 - Kings and queens subtract 1/2 for each swapped to short ...
Hi Polly !! You write: Over time, I've been trying to figure out what a good psych is and when to make one safely, as I'm fairly risk-averse. Just a note: You can't make a safe psych .... then it's not a psych :) (because then partner would have ...
Larry Cohen's Bidding Challenge
I will just note that this is an extremely useful bidding challenge book ! Unlike traditional bidding challenges from various magazines - (Where it always seems to be the goal to bid slams on 4-3 and 4-2 fits and avoiding 4ma with let's say a 5-4 fit) - This book deals with ...

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