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Mike Bell
Mike Bell
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Jan. 21, 2011
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Pro
about me

One of England's top pros. A system geek, but an increasingly practical one. I haven't played in the last couple of US Nationals but I had some success in 2017 partnering David Gold on Richie Schwartz's team.

I live in London with my wife, Sarah, who won the Freeman BAM at her first Nationals in Toronto.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Psyching a world-class pair into their 5-0 fit at the five-level in the semi-final of a major KO.
Bridge Accomplishments
Mitchell BAM winner and "won" a session of the Reisinger final in San Diego; Spingold semi-finalist in Toronto. Winner of Yeh Bros Pairs, Spring Foursomes (3 times), Chairman's Cup, English Premier League (4 times).
Regular Bridge Partners
Ben Norton, Sarah Bell, David Gold
Favorite Conventions
Passed hand 2C response to 1S showing five hearts (in conjunction with 2D as Drury).
BBO Username
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Superior Defense to 2N Opener Showing both minors?
It's considerably harder to decide what defence to play when it's a 2NT bid!
What is an Expert in EBUland?
Partnerships where one player is much better than the other work best when the stronger player gets to take most of the decisions, so IMO the problem in Clive's case is the nature ("erratic bidder") of his 50-rated partner, not their absolute level.
Invite with 8 points?
For the purposes of the poll, does "flat" mean "4333" or "balanced"?
Always show a 4-card spade in Precision (or bypass) after 1!D-1!H
a) As said previously, 1:1, 1 can be passed much more frequently playing Precision, as opener is already limited. b) Even if you decided to rebid 1NT on balanced hands, responder still wouldn't know of genuine diamonds opposite a 1 rebid - 4135 would bid ...
Matchpoints bottom score
Yes, not to mention the scoring.
Matchpoints bottom score
This deal has a lot of similarities with one I posted a while back that produced a close three-way split in the vote.
The Truth about Terrence Reese
Was this comment really written in 2015 and not 2018?
Rowland Reeves's bidding problem: 52 AK6 KJ632 AT9
Surprised there's not a larger majority for pass!
Should the place of VPs in KO events be reconsidered?
The 30 VP scale gives a bonus for winning, which I can understand, but if the aim is to try to determine which team played/scored best over the event that's not a positive. Winning a match by 1 IMP will be more down to luck than fine judgement.
Should the place of VPs in KO events be reconsidered?
David, Presumably the strong team is 75% to win versus the other teams in matches of a specific length. The round-robin consists of seven matches, the knockout of three; it's not surprising that an event that lasts over twice as long is better at determining the strongest team.

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