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Mike Cailean
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Nov. 3, 2011
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In The Well: Jay Whipple
I have two questions: 1. Why aren't credit cards accepted as method of payment at regionals and nationals? Please don't answer "bridge bucks", since I've seen people stuck with those. 2. Does ACBL have any plans to improve the current masterpoint system? For example see the power ...
Michaels convention
@Richard: I found your comment (joke or not) to be quite insulting for the 28 voters who vote for "spades and hearts". Not knowing a convention does not qualify anyone to be "brain-dead". Moreover, if you would like to have a positive and constructive contribution to this post I suggest ...
Michaels convention
@Dave: By definition playing Michaels 2 over 1 shows the majors. Nobody can point to a text stating that changes if the opponents bid as they did in OP
Michaels convention
It seems to me that most voters did not read the OP completely, but answered a different poll. I was not interested in various treatments in this auction. The purpose of the poll was to find out if in this situation Michaels still means the majors OR there is a ...
Michaels convention
If you agree that after 1 - (P) - 1 you would bid 2 holding AQJ1098 then why you cannot agree to bid 2 showing the majors holding AQJ109 and AQJ109?
Michaels convention
Steve, this is EXACTLY my thinking, but apparently the community thinks differently, even though nobody can point to a text describing Michaels convention showing spades and clubs in this auction
Michaels convention
I did not ask for a reason of why 2 showing spades and clubs is the right call, the purpose of this poll was to understand Michaels convention and if it has a different variant than the one showed on ACBL website
Michaels convention
On ACBL website ( I found this description for Michaels convention: I simply cannot understand what changed when the opponent bid 1 Is there an undocumented variant of Michaels that describes this, since most people seemed to vote ...
Mike Cailean's bidding problem: K2 4 52 KQT98754
No, sorry
ATB missed slam in GNT-A
All bids were made in normal tempo, NS are highly ethical players

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