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Mike Doecke
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March 26, 2012
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John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
I don't play much poker these days Bob - gotta get my fix at the bridge table...
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
Why should partner settle for a 5/3 heart fit when they have a known 5/4 or 5/5 diamond fit? It's a part-score board and the opponents are about to compete in spades!
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
I've never had this auction before :) I think partner has shapely maximum passed hand with diamonds, hearts and tolerance for defending. Perhaps x Kxxxx QTxxx Ax. I'll bid 4 which hopefully sends the message that I have a good hand in context and want partner to choose ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
Partner can have a lot of things for the pass and then double, but I suspect they likely have sharp values including something in hearts. The kind of hand to pull would be something like: QJTxxxx Ax QJx x where 5C could be making and 5S is likely to be ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Making a poor or even potentially incorrect claim doesn't mean that you automatically lose all your rights. If declarer had stated a line e.g."crossruffing" then the rules cover the 2 card ending with an outstanding trump very clearly: "C. There Is an Outstanding Trump When a trump ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Director's ruling problem in a claim
The cross-ruff line does work on the actual layout, when East over-ruffs and returns a club declarer's hand is high.
Director's ruling problem in a claim
I've often retold a story from many years ago when I was playing in the MTG World Championships. I "claimed" in a position very similar to this bridge hand. MTG obviously isn't the same as bridge, but I had a short series of completely logical plays that resulted ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
I'm abstaining, because I don't think the system or auction makes sense. I can't imagine bidding 2D on the East hand, pass looks auto. If partner shows a 3C limit-raise, I'll bash 4H and hope that concealing the diamonds makes it tougher to defend. After opener ...
More Memphis Mishappenings
I'm curious if there is any precedent for the idea that you're required to play partner for a mechanical error in a UI situation where they make an otherwise impossible bid?

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