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This kind of circular logic creates an interesting legal/ethical situation. The bottom-line is that I don't think South is obligated to divulge their methods until you explain the meaning of redouble. If N/S has an agreement that pass shows 'no preference' over a strong redouble, and as ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
I don't play much poker these days Bob - gotta get my fix at the bridge table...
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
Why should partner settle for a 5/3 heart fit when they have a known 5/4 or 5/5 diamond fit? It's a part-score board and the opponents are about to compete in spades!
John Newman's bidding problem: T43 A72 AJ52 K73
I've never had this auction before :) I think partner has shapely maximum passed hand with diamonds, hearts and tolerance for defending. Perhaps x Kxxxx QTxxx Ax. I'll bid 4 which hopefully sends the message that I have a good hand in context and want partner to choose ...
John Newman's bidding problem: AQJ9752 84 K4 J7
Partner can have a lot of things for the pass and then double, but I suspect they likely have sharp values including something in hearts. The kind of hand to pull would be something like: QJTxxxx Ax QJx x where 5C could be making and 5S is likely to be ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Making a poor or even potentially incorrect claim doesn't mean that you automatically lose all your rights. If declarer had stated a line e.g."crossruffing" then the rules cover the 2 card ending with an outstanding trump very clearly: "C. There Is an Outstanding Trump When a trump ...
Director's ruling problem in a claim
Director's ruling problem in a claim
The cross-ruff line does work on the actual layout, when East over-ruffs and returns a club declarer's hand is high.
Director's ruling problem in a claim
I've often retold a story from many years ago when I was playing in the MTG World Championships. I "claimed" in a position very similar to this bridge hand. MTG obviously isn't the same as bridge, but I had a short series of completely logical plays that resulted ...
Phil Markey's bidding problem: J8 QJT54 AKQ32 6
I'm abstaining, because I don't think the system or auction makes sense. I can't imagine bidding 2D on the East hand, pass looks auto. If partner shows a 3C limit-raise, I'll bash 4H and hope that concealing the diamonds makes it tougher to defend. After opener ...

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