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Mike Gill
Mike Gill
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March 16, 2011
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about me

I'm a recovering astrophysicist originally from Boring, MD (yes, really) who now works doing programming and math. My wonderful wife and I now live in Columbia, MD with our son Trevor, who was born in September 2017. He's adorable and wonderful but so far he's terrible at bridge! In addition to bridge I enjoy entirely too many things given I'm a parent: running, sports, poker, barbu, board games, puzzles of various kinds, piano, cooking and eating (who enjoys cooking but doesn't love eating?!).

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Bridge Accomplishments
USA II (Junior) in 2006, 2nd in 2017 NAP, missed the 2017 Open GNT final by an IMP
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Noble Shore
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mike gill
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Silver Life Master
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Mike Gill's lead problem: QJTxx KQxx Qxx x
I certainly agree the best way to *establish* 5 winners is to lead the 5-card suit. If we need to cash 5 tricks right now though...
Plan the Play
Second round? That's actually fine as I can effectively fall back on David's line below. I think if RHO wins the K and plays a heart I can pitch my losing diamond, but as long as LHO ruffs from 5 and plays a trump I'm pretty sure ...
Plan the Play
I'm still not convinced that I can make it on many layouts, but it seems clear to start with A and then continue a heart.
Controlling the Tray to Avoid Giving Partner UI
No, that would clearly be wrong. It's over LHO's 3NT bid.
Another Humpty Dumpty Bid?
I'm in the forcing with a diamond stopper camp. Stoppers in both minors are important here since they could have 5 of either. What shape would you really want to bid 2 natural on - it almost has to be 6 diamonds, and that is pretty unlikely with RHO ...
Another Humpty Dumpty Bid?
To be fair before that thought my first one was "wow I'm really committed to this psych"
Mike Gill's bidding problem: AJx xxx Qxx xxxx
* I actually don't think partner promises 3 spades. I just don't see what else you can do but double if you have Ax AQx AKQxxx xx or something like that. I'm not even totally convinced it's wrong with x AQJx AKQxxx Ax - it's not like ...
Mike Gill's bidding problem: AJx xxx Qxx xxxx
No, hence the "~" on the original 19-22.
Mike Gill's bidding problem: AJx xxx Qxx xxxx
Coulda have been more specific I suppose. Double and min pull is 19-22, double and jump shift is GF.
Mike Gill's bidding problem: J98763 972 --- 8752
No special agreements.

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