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Oct. 27, 2015
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about me

Learnt bridge at school in the 1960's, still learning. Won a few bits and bobs along the way.

Still playing cricket for the Essex over-60's and a qualified umpire.

Play a variety of systems with different partners but particularly enjoy playing Dutch Heart at the TGR club in Paddington (Pass/1C/1D=transfer openings, 1H=any 0-10 that isn't a traditional pre-empt). Leads to some fun auctions - Pass-pass (alert)-double was one.

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Post 22. Flag-Flying, Bluff bids, Surprise Bids, Psyches, Psyching, Freak Bids and general camouflage. Saturday 4th January 2020
There's a book called The Art Of Psychic Bidding, by Julian Pottage and Peter Burrows. And very good it is too.
High Level Competitive Auction: What is going on?
It's usually a good idea to try to play the hand if you have a monster fit, as LoTT and general bridge judgement go out of the window on freak hands, which the bidding evidence suggests this one might be. Doesn't work all th time, though....
I didn't have a good answer
Why do you want to play at the 3-level in a possible 4-3 fit?
Pressure Bid Weak Twos -- Alertable?
Funny shape....
YBTJ-spade game missed?
Me too.
Fantoni live on BBO
Well, disappearing for ever would be a good idea.
Transfer style question
I believe the English player Tony Forrester kept a record of this over a couple of years (which meant a lot of boards). It is said that the conclusion was that you will be right to transfer just over 70% of the time.
multi part bidding question
3 is the action of a player who likes to declare the hand at all costs and doesn't particularly care about the final result.
18 bids in a row
Sorry, forgot to mention - in the pub afterwards we worked out that we had thirteen consecutive misunderstood bids.
18 bids in a row
Many years ago a lot of us played Cambridge Precision. The system was collated by Peter Burrows (famous for the Wilbur convention - more later) who sent out various system updates which took immediate effect. One major change that got incorporated was that 1 (strong) - 1 became a 5 ...
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