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Mike Graham
Mike Graham
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Oct. 27, 2015
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Jan. 11
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bridge player

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Auction Whacking
I remember defending 5NTxx in the pairs event at the old Eastbourne congress in the 1980's, playing with my brother. It eventually went one down. Can't remember the full hand.
Mike Graham's lead problem: 642 83 Q97653 84
At the table a heart was led, for 13 tricks. Philip had it right - partner had the A and was attempting to deflect a heart lead. One of those cases where both partners thought they were doing the right thing.
Multi Opening Two-Bids
With one regular partner we play: 2=(a) weak two in diamonds (b) Strong Two in hearts or spades (c) 20-22 bal with 5cM (d) 25-26 bal 2=(a) weak two in hearts (b) Strong Two in diamonds (c) 20-22 bal no 5cM (d) 27-28 bal 2 ...
Avons...Under the Table.....follow up
Alan, if I may ask, where did you get it?
Who should double?
Out of West, North, and East, neither hand has a double.
Placing a whole heap of bidding cards on the table.
3NT (solid minor)-7m is quite common.
To Slam or Not to Slam
You could play that an immediate 4NT is simple ace-asking, and that 4NT after 1M-2NT (FG, support)-whatever is RKCB. I guess if pard shows three you wouldn't mind too much being in 6 with Kxxxx opposite J10xxxx. This assumes a 5cM system, of course.
Hard to Believe
On holiday this year we sat down in the bar and dealt a hand - after RHO passed I was looking at: AK 7 AKJ987652 A 4NT-5-7NT. Pard had 103. These hands are quite rare......
What Is Partner Saying to You?
It doesn't have to be lead-directing. You can play it as a take-out double of the shown suit.
For those of a certain age
Back in the 1980's in the Spring Foursomes my RHO dealt and opened 1S. I had a 20-count with AQJ983 of spades. I passed, 2S on my left, and partner (Barry Rigal) doubled. All pass. I led the A, dropping partner's king, and we rattled off all thirteen ...
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