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Mike Graham
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Oct. 27, 2015
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about me

Learnt bridge at school in the 1960's, still learning. Won a few bits and bobs along the way.

Still playing cricket for the Essex over-60's and a qualified umpire.

Play a variety of systems with different partners but particularly enjoy playing Dutch Heart at the TGR club in Paddington (Pass/1C/1D=transfer openings, 1H=any 0-10 that isn't a traditional pre-empt). Leads to some fun auctions - Pass-pass (alert)-double was one.

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multi part bidding question
3 is the action of a player who likes to declare the hand at all costs and doesn't particularly care about the final result.
18 bids in a row
Sorry, forgot to mention - in the pub afterwards we worked out that we had thirteen consecutive misunderstood bids.
18 bids in a row
Many years ago a lot of us played Cambridge Precision. The system was collated by Peter Burrows (famous for the Wilbur convention - more later) who sent out various system updates which took immediate effect. One major change that got incorporated was that 1 (strong) - 1 became a 5 ...
Guess the lead....
This was our first board in a recent NICKO match. RHO dealt and opened 1. The only natural bid now was 4 but this hand decided to wait and see what happened. LHO responded 1NT and partner bid 2. RHO passed and this hand was afraid to ...
Opening 1N with a singleton Ace
When I first started playing bridge I was taught two things: (1) Balanced hands bid NT (2) a 4441 hand is not balanced. Maybe I'll learn a third thing soon.
Mistaken bid
Even if the EW bidding is as explained, 5 by N at red seems a tad on the bold side.
The 2!c strong opening is annoying
Some pairs use a 2 response to show 0-3/4. Then 2 tends to be balanced 4/5-7 and 2NT 8+ balanced. Also gives a bit of oomph to the other positives. Alternatively, 2NT is a positive in hearts.
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Or, perhaps, thank you for offering your advice - I will waste no time in asking for it.....
Should This NLM Stay in his Lane?
Easier not to say anything. You might be wrong.
Atb on a missed slam
Well, they doubled against my pard and myself. 4-5 and we didn't bid over that. 5+1 cost us -4.5 imps (x-imps scoring)
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