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Oct. 15, 2015
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Just finished reading Under the Table......
I see that there are some that doubt the authenticity of this hand. I'd like to suggest that's nuts. I played that hand with Bobby Goldman and bid 4H after his double of 3D. Down one in the by-now-endlessly repeated fashion discussed in this article. The cards were ...
Anders Wirgren has passed away
I learned with regret of Anders' passing. We met online a long time ago over a BBO table and from there I discovered a modest and fascinating person and excellent player. We combined to write a book which could never have been done without his research, insights, and patience. That ...
I've learned something about Amazon pricing. If you look there in the right places at the right time you can find most of my books for sale with a 300 - 500% markup. Be aware that their pricing isn't always for your benefit. Any other such stories out there?
Hi David. I've been reading some of the WC books mentioned in my posts. I can tell you that there isn't much to learn from reading how they were bidding back then. I saw this one. Your partner opened 1S, no one vul, and RHO bid 2C. The ...
I've had an amazing number of replies to this post, by email and by responding here on BW. I am grateful for all of them. I think I have access to the books I need. I'll write and respond to all emails. I noted that many suggested Paul ...
F-N each banned for 3 years, according to IMP Magazine...
It strikes me that some crimes are more vile than others. If someone shoplifts a few candy bars from the corner store every day on the way home from school, that is recognized as a crime, yet the punishment is always a token one. If the same person later in ...
Hand from Reisinger
Is it possible that when a director polls players for their opinions that the required format for asking be changed from "what do you bid?" to "What do you bid" Please rate any alternatives you might consider. If this were to be a MANDATORY FORMAT for the directors to follow ...
Opening with 4333 and AAK
I reject all of these hands. If I open and partner bids 2NT. invitational, how are we going to make it? If I open and rebid 1NT, I can't imagine wanting to play it from my side of the table. If I open it, my continuation bids will be ...
Sidney Lazard 1930 – 2015
So sorry to hear of Sidney's passing. He was one of very few players who was magnificent at the table and later away from the table. Moments with him were always special. I have a memory of a moment with him from 57 years ago. At a time when ...
Ethical Allegations ... brief statement from the ACBL President
While the statement was made that there is very little cheating at the highest level, cheating is rampant all the way to the bottom. This comment caught my eye. We have finally developed a plan for catching high level cheats, using all kinds of modern technology. What method will we ...
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