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Mike Lipkin
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Feb. 11, 2013
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about me

currently playing pro after retiring from of several bridge world articles and one book: "Invitation to Annihilation". no national championships but 100+ regional firsts or seconds.  Photo is from a trip to the fabulous Iceland (BTW: "Icemachine" runs a great club in Reykjavik). Resist the treasonous Orange Abomination.

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mike radin; david gurvich; alex perlin
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saratoga; montreal
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Be afraid?
(as also added on robbins' post): is the technical article
Poker and Computers/AI
for those with a more technical interest, here is the article:
The Burgay Tape
i liked Kerry's comment fast! (before the long arm of Eugene descends)
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Yes, although grandfathered in: P-P-1-P-2-p-2, same thing.
The Burgay Tape
To add my personal synopsis to this thread: Avon has a straightforward very consistent theme. The WBF has diligently acted to avoid controversy, not just 55 years ago, and not just 41 years ago, but even as recently as the past 5 years. As such it seems very contemporary. Also ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Well, the hypothesis is really one positing amazing psychosis. Swimer would have to accept the captaincy to try to win for SIX players; take time out to travel to Argentina, then find a suspicious event and use it to wreak personal vengeance at the expense of the other four or ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Here is a natural question for all who doubt Reese and Schapiro were cheating. To this outsider, it seems that the apparently straightforward action of Ralph Swimer: to wit, observe the play, note the fingers, compare the hand records, forfeit the matches and send RS packing is damning. Ignoring any ...
Another Reese-Schapiro Hand
Since we are rehashing the sharp practice of the past, I will add my favorite, personal, Sam Stayman story. I was playing against Sam and his wife Tubby in a 7-board Swiss match many years ago (sorry for a not great memory for dates, but probably mid-1980's). Sam uneventfully ...
Roman Keycard Asking Bid
I do not have a specific agreement but obviously 5 is a grand slam try. Therefore I would bid 7 because whatever partner needs this "unexpected" source of tricks should be enough and allow him to pick the optimal grand.-- Edited to add that I presume 5 ...
Has the statistical analysis been done?
Only a slight excursion, since you mention drury. After kibbitzing two pro friends in February, I saw Drury messed-up at each table. Remarking on this, one of them replied: "I've declared 2 five times this year!"

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