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Who doubles when opps balance against 2M - Part II
Here E should XX, showing he has a max for his 2 bid, and that he is willing to defend 2 in particular, and no singleton in general. After that W would X 3, knowing that their side has BOP, and that opponents do not have 9 ...
Who doubles when opps balance against 2M?
This is well discussed by Mel Colchimairo according to his BOP X. Of course Mel uses a paint by number method, which one can improve upon recognizing the right situation to deviate from it. But IMO, it is good for a start.
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
BTW, Tomasz, you can have whatever say you want without me getting involved on this topic. Obviously you are beyond hope and beyond help. So I won't waste any more time.
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Tomasz, you are even more juvenile than I thought. Discrimination just means you pick a difference. I don't like people of certain politics, so I don't want to be friends with them, that is discrimination, but it is also my right of freedom of association. It does not ...
What do you call ♠AQJ764 ♥8 ♦AQT432 ♣- ?
And if we switch opener's and ?
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Tomasz, actually that would be you because your dislike of transgendered people is more than obvious. Tell me where I said or implied that discrimination against people I don't like is OK. I said justifiable discrimination, that has always been the rule to judge discrimination. I am sorry you ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Tomasz, I don't want to discuss whether there should be gender specific or age specific events. The point is given there are gender specific events, how should transgendered and non-binary gendered people be treated. Discrimination is not per se wrong, only unjustifiable discrimination. Whether a discrimination is justifiable changes ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Tomasz, obviously you are stuck in your anti transgender view. But in case there is still hope for you, transgendered people never ask cis-gendered people to be transgendered, only that they be allowed to live their lives. Cis people like you however, insist that they have to their lives THE ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Donald, at least in that article you quoted, the person was not identified except by his first name. That would not be true if male players want to play as female in women or mixed events. Would you do it? And I don't know about rational decision. To some ...
Gender Variance and Conditions of Contest
Robert, honor systems are not all equal and subjected to abuses without consequences. Entering a mixed or women event is not the same as entering a store with pet. The names of contestants in those events are public. Given the stigma associated with transgenderism, especially male to female, are you ...

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