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Is pass forcing?
So overcaller is willing to go -200 over their partial?
Is pass forcing?
Mike, my hand was much stronger than intermediate jump overcall. That was the whole point. Double of 4? It means we are not making 4 and they made a mistake bidding 4.
Is pass forcing?
Mike, so in this case how do you know what the high card strength is?
Is pass forcing?
OK. I was the guy who thought P was definitely forcing. Looks like I have to eat humble pie, but I still don't understand the logic. We are red and they are white. We bid game over a PARTIAL, not over a GAME. How can 4 bid not ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Is one of Uber and Lyft significantly better than the other in Memphis. I have to get to the airport real early this coming Sunday morning and want to make sure whatever I use is reliable. I don't mind using taxi, but sometimes taxis by phone may not be ...
Is pass forcing?
I don't see the analogy. In your example, 4 may be furthering the preempt. If the 4 bidder intends to make and chooses not to bid 4 to bring partner into the picture, he will have to X to tell partner that the 4 bid ...
Is pass forcing?
It is not a question of space, it is a question of -200 is better than -420, while -200 is worse than -130. Putting in a faked bid of 4/ here just confuses partner as to whether you are asking him to evaluate his hand based on his ...
Open Memphis Discussion Thread
Daisy Jane by America.
Director Ruling
Director applies L'Hopital Rule for the ruling. :-)
Technical question: is this 3!h bid forcing
Does the X deny 3 hearts? In some partnership, X first followed by jump in shows 3 cad limit raise. Not that that hand would bid just 3 now (choice between 3 followed by 4 over 3NT, or 4 right away).

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