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Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
If we go 1M - 4M in Precision or similar system, we definitely alert and let opponents know that 4M is a two way bid. So if 1M - 1MT - 2m - 2M can be weak with 3 trumps, it definitely should be announced/alerted. Sorry, it should be alerted if that is ...
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Peg, to me this is simple, if your opponents know what is going on, you don't alert tactual bids. If they don't, you should. If you don't know if they do or not, make a decision. Why not just alert anyway? Because opponents may say you are ...
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Michael, that is precisely the point. Whether it should be alerted is part of the culture, and history is part of the culture.
Director call vs. fun
Ray, calling the police is no fun for me whether it is my neighbor doing so (justifiably or not) or I having the need to do so. if I live in a place where a police show up once a week, I am moving if I can. That is the ...
Director call vs. fun
I deliberately left it for people to decide how to gauge the non-fun in director calls.
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Michael, if the idea is to fool the opponents into thinking you have points and 2 card support, then it is not right in my opinion (altho i have seen many cheer themselves for fooling weak players that way). I think opponents should be aware that the 2M bid after ...
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Then I am not sure why anything needs to be said other than "forcing".
Alert? Pre-alert? or no issue.
Was 1NT forcing?
Director call vs. fun
Gordon, thanks so very much for your positive comment.
Director call vs. fun
So how many police calls a day on the average you make in your house before you don't find living in your house fun.

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