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ATB - Wrong Slam
6 is only so good because of 10, I don't know what the big deal is.
Competing against mini-NT
As I wrote, I am not advocating doubling with 12. Whatever is the minimum you decide, your side can choose to pull if his hcp + your minimum is less than 20. If you are close, it is like playing poker, let's see if they dare to XX. It is ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
Yes, you and I are both experts in that.
Full Disclosure
Linda, implicit in no weak 2 is that 3 is more wide ranging, not just weaker (length), but maybe stronger (defense) too. It explains a lot to opponents. If they want to know more about what that means, they can ask. Of course, you should describe the 3 ...
Competing against mini-NT
Steve, is it more likely your side has the BOP than their side when you have 12? However, that does not mean you have to or should X when you have 12.
ATB - Wrong Slam
Like I said, bid 5 to torture partner more.
ATB - Wrong Slam
That shows the power of bidding 4, even though it is not without risk at this vulnerability. For me, I don't even know how to proceed after the responsive double. 4 will end the auction. 4N? 5 adding to the torture? Blast out 6 (partner ...
ATB - Wrong Slam
I don't think many plays the responsive double as that specific. And over the responsive double, how will S proceed?
ATB - Wrong Slam
If S doubles, W bids 4.
UI: What does it suggest? (Part 2)
I think it is not like tossing a 3 sided dice. If they are more likely to hesitate when they stretch, then 3N becomes unlikely, so they are debating 2 vs. 3. That much we agree. I think any other auctions are less likely than the 3 main ...

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