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March 29, 2011
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How do you against this 2D?
These days the usual Precision 2 is 4415 minus 1, so clubs is guaranteed to be at least four cards and may well be five. So double is takeout of clubs with a penalty pass of 2X encouraged.
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
I usually open 1NT freely with five card majors, so I prefer JS over Jacoby with 5-4 either way absent large disparity in suit strength. True I may play a seven-card fit when we have eight in the other major, but transferring can result in playing seven vs. nine.
Also consider that when an opponent has a twenty count, any plus for your side is apt to score well even without the double, while doubling them into game is costly especially if they make an overtrick, even without them trapping.
Playing money bridge back in the day, my partner opened 2NT passed to me. Now my RHO was a known advocate of doubling (2NT)-P-(P) with any thirteen cards, and he practiced what he preached. So I smoothly passed a hand worth a direct raise to 6NT, and redoubled ...
2!D opening
2 should be a natural weak two (not necessarily 6-11 range!) unless you need it to fill a system hole, not just to use a shiny gadget. Precision 2 is useful [i]if your are playing Precision[/i]. Taking the short diamond hands out of the 1 ...
Need help defending against Precision 1!D
See for Kit Woolsey's ideas, useful for defending 1 = clubs or balanced as well.
Director ruling
The second hesitation is a bit of an overbid, the first is an [i]underbid[/i], IMHO.
Director ruling
Just a thought, but was North actually thinking or was he dithering? North's hand should have bid 4 over 3. Decide in a reasonable tempo and if you can't decide, guess. It will make partner's life a lot easier.
Who should have done something else
The trying for slam option is the nearest to the truth, but the North hand must drive to slam. The only question is whether to fish for the pefecto that makes 7, or just bid 6 directly. The latter is my choice but I could be persuaded the ...
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
I think Stig meant to present a 3=4=0=6 hand. He did ask about Blackwood with a void.

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