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Mike Nelson
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March 29, 2011
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United States of America

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Comic NT
Two slightly different conventions: Gardener was 1NT natural or a WJO type hand, Comic was always WJO.
Double Dummy Deal Where the Side That Can Make Slam Doesn't Bid at All
True if this is a 3 or 6 hand (and we knew that) we want to be in 6 at imps, but at matchpoints, not necessarily.
BIT - Logical Alternatives Poll
Richard is correct, one possibility is that the 2NT bidder has a middle of the road invitation, but took a while to realize this--perhaps this partnership uses 2NT natural in this sequence, but uses a large number of artificial 2NT bids in other sequences, and he takes a while to ...
Double Dummy Deal Where the Side That Can Make Slam Doesn't Bid at All
6 is a miracle make, if they can get there NS belong in 4, which is possible if East passes or West passes 2. But even game is not laydown. If the opening lead is a diamond, losing one finesse will set you. NS don't have ...
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
A spade bid explained as showing a strong diamond raise and East has to asks if it's artificial? Let's see...isn't that natural? A question asking to clarify how strong a hand is being shown (limit raise, good constructive, forcing to game) would not transmit UI, but ...
Incomplete explanation of an alerted bid
Their explanation doesn't match their cards and it needs to be ascertained whether we're are looking at mistaken explanation (presumed in absence of evidence) or mistaken bid. Pretty blatant UI by East quite possibly used by West.
A "friendly" game
The concept of field protection does not appear in the laws, while there is (arguably excessive) concern with doing equity to the two sides at the table, there is nothing whatsoever about equity to third parties.
1m - (X) - 2NT?
This is similar to how I've always played, 1-(X)-2NT would be alerted and explained as "natural, but based on a diamond fit, with 2 or 3 diamonds, we'd redouble." 3NT was the same but with game values.
1m - (X) - 2NT?
The last one was always the most popular...
Any sort of announcement etc. required?
Agree it is wise to pre-alert.

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