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I generally only play maximal doubles when both sides have a fit. I don't see that East-West have a fit, and maybe North-South only have a seven card fit. X is for blood. With a hand that wants to make a game try in hearts, use a Woolsey game ...
Matchpoints bottom score
Passing is the right approach, especially against "colors are for children" type opponents who get nearly as frisky at unfavorable as at favorable. On the hand where 3X makes, 3NT likely get slaughtered too.
Pass over redouble
So (1)-X-(XX)-P would be weak with 4-4 or 3-3 majors and poor clubs, trying to get doubler to bid his better major. OTOH (3)-X-(XX)-P is "I'd re-redouble if the laws allowed."
Pass over redouble
The most common agreement I've encountered is (bid)-X-(XX)-P is "no preference, you pick" when at the one-level and business at higher levels, the equivalent of (bid)-X-(P)-P.
Coffee housing
Expanding on Richard's point, declarer's remark could also be rationally interpreted to be an attempt to lull the defenders to sleep if the spades don't split. Almost certainly wasn't from how I read OP, but could be, I've seen unethical players do that. The more ...
Coffee housing
Point well taken Richard. My inclination might well be to give a PP to both sides, depending on my knowledge of the players if any.
Coffee housing
The Secretary Bird attempts to impose legal and ethical standard that are orders of magnitude more stringent than the norm of the game he plays in. The facts given are not sufficient to determine if the label applies here. At the table, my ruling would take what I know of ...
Coffee housing
Split the difference. Don't grant an adjustment, not seeing the spades split when you just said you need 3-3 spades is a serious error, but impose a PP on the offender. The Laws specifically mention hesitating with a singleton as a no no. It could rationally be an attempt ...
How would you bid these hands.
I wouldn't but I'm right on the edge of it, change 4 to T and I'd definitely go for it.
Defense against 4S preempt
Double shouldn't be a trump stack, it's too rare. But the question is, what do you want partner to do with a nondescript flat hand? After (1)-X you want him to take it out, after (4)-X you want him to leave it in.

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