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Mike Richey
Mike Richey
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Basic Information

Member Since
Aug. 5, 2013
Last Seen
March 31
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Bridge Player
United States of America

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Getting clobbered by Katz, Jacobs, and the Italians in the 2002 Spingold.
Bridge Accomplishments
Third in flight B NAP in 2010. Played in third day of LM Pairs in 2002. Beat a 21-seed and a 38-seed in half-day Spingold matches. Wrote an article published in "The Bridge World" in Feb 2006.
Regular Bridge Partners
Clyde Kruskal, Lloyd Rawley, Ron Zucker
Favorite Conventions
forcing club with transfer responses; 2D natural and weak (5-baggers OK NV); variation of Meckwell over 1NT where 2m shows 4+m with 5M and dbl shows majors or 4M with 5+m instead of m
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ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Fourth best from shorter suit?
Looks like I need a lot. I'll try this. 3. A, presumably dropping the K. 4-6. Q, then K & A. If West pitched a , then I'll bang high out of my hand, making sure that the 3rd round is won by West or by dummy ...
We missed this good slam by a fair way
I want to choose 3 of the 4 choices.
Responding to 1!d Opener Playing 2/1
I don't see the problem with 2 over 1 GF. Let's see what responder might have with less than a GF but too strong to bid 1N. If responder has 4, he can bid an inverted 2. If he has long clubs, he can ...
Responding to 1!d Opener Playing 2/1
2 GF. Now opener can bid 4-card major.
Continuations after (3X)-3N-(P)-?
It's important that the 3N bidder didn't double first, so looking for a 4-4 major fit is off. My regular partners have convinced me to still play 4 as transfers, although I wouldn't make that bid with only 5. I don't know what 4 ...
Deb Dhar's bidding problem: AJx AKQJxx Kxx x
If partner is prone to bidding 1 on Kxxxx and out, I still might make 5 after asking for keycards. I agree with Kieran re support double.
Preben Schmidt's bidding problem: 864 --- Q65 QT98754
Interesting question if vul instead. Would anyone open a weak 2 if the minors were switched?
Preben Schmidt's bidding problem: --- KT9852 KJT65 54
When their most likely fit is in a suit higher than ours, The Law implies that we should compete more aggressively than when their most likely fit is in a lower-ranking suit, so I bid 3.
Interference after Michaels
This is why I play weak/strong when NV. Not long ago I realized that vul the intermediate range is so small that I'm willing to go with the majority and have no gap hands.
Not enough aces
In addition to North being understrength high-card-wise for forcing to game, 4441 hands aren't as good as 3451.

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