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Mike Summers-Smith
Mike Summers-Smith
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Sept. 20, 2015
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about me

English county-class bridgeplayer; or, rather, I was, when playing often enough to stay sharp. Favourite methods (1) a home-grown strong Diamond, and (2) Acol. I firmly believe that strong NT and (especially) 2/1 are inventions of the Devil.

United Kingdom

Bridge Information

Favorite Bridge Memory
Discovering, in real-life play, a one-loser smother play which seems never to have been written up. Least favorite bridge memory: going for 800 in 2Sx on that hand, rather than 1100.
Bridge Accomplishments
Knocked the holders out of the Gold Cup 40 years ago, and.lost in the next round. Finished in the top five a time or two in the EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Coventry and North Warwickshire
Favorite Tournaments
EBU Summer Congress Swiss Pairs
Favorite Conventions
Strong Diamond
ACBL Ranking
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Bigger than Bridge
Has the formal plural "youse all" died out?
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: --- AQJT875 --- T87653
70 = 1m tick. Usually a huge score at MPs.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: --- AQJT875 --- T87653
It could easily be the sort of rubber where they collect the bonus and you collect the profit.
Where is that "very easy" 6NT post?
Martin, agreed. I once flagged a post which mentioned Brexit. I can't remember whether I agreed or disagreed with the sentiments, but Brexit is such an incendiary topic in UK that it has no place on this site.
Playing your 2 Aces on the same trick?
Playing low-stakes rubber, I was declarer after a hotly-contested auction. A was led; to clarify the situation to the table, I played A from both dummy and hand at T1. Surprisingly, the deck had 52 cards, no-one had a duplicate, and all the backs were of the same colour.
Richard Fleet's bidding problem: --- AQJT875 --- T87653
Have I shown my suit? Yes. Will partner care about my suit? Maybe, but more likely not; where are the ? Is partner playing me for a defensive trick? Not at rubber he isn't! He's not trying to convert +50 into +100 on the off-chance, and ...
Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: A75 KJ64 T753 AQ
6; show them who's boss! and live a little. At least we're unlikely to be down at T2. If partner doesn't have a very nice 46, he needs a brain transplant: he's just offered to declare 4 facing what might be a ...
Alan Shillitoe's bidding problem: KQJT82 --- A64 KQT6
If I bid 4 and partner has xxxxxxxKQxAJx, I will be full of regret. 4 looks cheap and easy, but it's difficult to see how partner will know when to cooperate. So, 4, sweep QB. If that fetches 4 (which we were ...
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
The very same.
bridge experts with gambling addiction?
I knew a very strong bridge player (twice a Gold Cup finalist, among other achievements) who had such a weakness for the geegees that he twice went to jail for borrowing money which just happened to be resting in his employer's bank account.

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