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Mike Wenble
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Oct. 16, 2016
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Oct. 18
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about me

Co-author with Sally Brock No-Trump Bidding (Master Bridge Series) 2005; author of several e-books exclusively available on Amazon; occasional contributor to Bridge World magazine

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Bridge Accomplishments
Daily Mail Cup 1971; Rixi Markus Cup 1977; Regional Masters Pairs 2009 & 2010; National Pairs (Midlands) 2016
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Continuations after Minorwood
I thought someone would ask this / complain about the bidding 3D might attract a 3S rebid, after which 6S comes into consideration
Control-Showing Responses to Strong 2!c Openings: General Thoughts?
Also valuable in a negative sense. I recall the auction 2 - 2 (0-1 control) - 4 in a National Pairs qualifier (I think) where other tables bid something like 2 - 2 (waiting / negative) - 3 - 4 - 4NT - 5X (no aces) - 5. Unfortunately for us ...
1!H - 2!S to Show Spades and a Minor
1 - 2 is best played as a WJS shift in spades. Not because it's "best" theoretically, but because it allows responder's 1 // 2 to be invitational and 1 // 3 to be GF, which is much better than standard methods.
Opponents overcall our strong 2!c opening - bidding theory question
Same question in a different context: why play DOPI over interference over Blackwood?
Poll: Is “Plain Blackwood” Ever Played by “High-Level” Pairs?
"In our partnership, 4NT was never asking unless it was a jump" In my partnerships, 4NT is never an ask if it is a jump. How else do you handle hands too strong for a natural 3NT?
A "What's this double?" from the world junior online championship
Constructive heart raise (see Bridge World July 2019)
4th seat openings
Ian Do you not change your 2NT opening in third seat?
Ruling fron Eastbourne
DB is more Jovial, or maybe Saturnine
Opening 1!D with 5clubs and 4diamonds
I don't like 1 // 2 showing ambiguity as to minor-suit lengths I don't like rebidding 1NT with a singleton I don't mind raising with three-card support and a singleton I don't mind rebidding a 5-card suit when I've only promised 2 or 3 ...
What does 2NT mean?:
Assuming we have discussed (2) - X - (P) - 2NT, then I think this sequence is analogous.
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