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July 10, 2011
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Match length for the 10K Knockouts in Columbus?
up until last year it was full day matches from the outset (with the exception of multi=ways the first day)
Retired Justice John Paul Stevens, Associate Justice, SCOTUS
I also had the great honor of playing against him at 2 of the clubs here in Ft Lauderdale. I also was invited to partner him but unfortunately, was not available on the particular date. I was promised a rain check, which I will redeem when i hopefully join him ...
National Champions in Limited Events: Fair or Foul?
In response to Sathya's comment upthread, There is one player (Morrie Kleinplatz) in particular who is definitely a national champion (i think silver ribbon or other equivalent Sr event), who, since winning his title, has won the (then) 0-5k minispingold and the 0-10k knockout. Since her title(s)Sylvia ...
To my knowledge, that was Sion's first transgression....he was not a convicted cheater at the time he got caught with Cokin. You also say that he used the courts to extract a settlement. The case was being heard by a jury iirc, so a Judge not familiar with ...
No, Bob, I do not believe that is correct. Sion was convicted twice and banned. Cokin's tryst with Sion, in early 80's iirc, was the only blemish on his record. After the ACBL ruling about discipline, they sued the ACBL in Federal court and the case actually proceeded ...
28 Board RR + bonus: GNT politics
I was only pointing out that your statement "to say there is "no incentive" means that they have no desire to improve or play the best in the game.", was neither true in fact or theory. I have openly said that learning to play bridge in South Florida since the ...
28 Board RR + bonus: GNT politics
Florida does definitely require local club qualification...just ask Richie Coren's team, who defeated Meckwell in the Open GNT final, only to be disqualified because a team member had not done so.
28 Board RR + bonus: GNT politics
10k is totally logical considering the plethora of national 10 k events. I dont know where you saw 252 D9 players with more than 6k, that number seems awfully low. I believe we have @15-20 regulars alone at the Ft Lauderdale BC that are over 6k
28 Board RR + bonus: GNT politics
Mark, I'm a Florida player who just went over 6k. I've represented District 9 at nationals 5 out of the last 6 years in Flight A. My team was defeated at Disrict finals this year, so it wont be 6 out of 7, and this was my last ...
Mike Wolf's bidding problem: --- QT62 AQT832 765
on the actual hand are you going to force to game if opener only bids 3d over 3c?
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