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I don't really know which seat to Poll:
I'd poll West first, because he's the dealer.
Minor suit slam try over 2NT
I do this also. The advantage is that responder can show one minor or both. One minor goes through the relay (of course he usually passes 3NT), two minors bid 3NT directly. Another improvement, is that instead of responder bidding the minor in which he's interested he's interested ...
Bidding minor suit hands after partner opens 2NT
We do this : 3C : Muppet Stayman 3D/3H : Transfers 3S : Relay to 3NT 3NT : Minor Suit Stayman, forcing to 4NT or 5m. 4C : Gerber 4D : 5-5 majors 4H/4S : both minors, void in H/S. After relaying to 3NT, responder usually passes, but can also show a minor suit. We ...
Junk Stayman with 4-4 Majors
You left out (54)xx.
Stig Holmquist's bidding problem: Kxx KQJx x AKQxx
I think the chances of taking 6 club tricks are far less than 68%, more like 0%.
Magic Bullet 1N
We play the opposite, 1D - 1M - 3D guarantees 3 card support, 1D - 1M - 2NT is the same hand except that it denies 3 card support. After 1D - 1M - 2NT, responder can pass, correct to 3D (NF), or start showing stoppers up the line. After 1D - 1M - 3D, responder can pass ...
What accomplishment earned this letter
Colorado Springs Power Ratings.
take-out doubles??
My biggest concern about doubling with the second hand is the lack of quick tricks, I expect my partners to have 2 quick tricks for a direct seat double. Even so, I'd probably double anyway, but would not be happy if partner later doubled the opponents.
Blue Ribbon Pairs, Day 3, First Session, Bidding Competition
Board 11, you've shown the North hand, but it is South who is in the pass-out seat.
Convention Chart Madness
I had no control over that. You can figure out which bars are which by counting from the top (or bottom).

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