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Morris Jones
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Dec. 6, 2010
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Sept. 13
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Bridge Teacher
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Teacher and Club Director, NAP Coordinator for District 23 (Los Angeles). Software engineer for DreamWorks Animation, amateur astronomer.

United States of America

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Tor Hylbom
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Two over one game forcing
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Book Report: Grant/Rodwell 2/1 GF
If you're one of Audrey's teachers, she has an excellent teacher's manual to go with the book on It makes an excellent six week class. Four weeks go through the four chapters of the book, and two weeks of practice hands. (Same pattern as the ...
Questions on Bridge Mates and Dealing Machines
I clean my Dealer4 between every couple of board sets. Some cards leave more dust than others. Sometimes I have to clean the feed roller mid-set. The new ACBL plastic cards seem to be the cleanest I've used, and I don't have to clean the machine as often ...
Request to Teachers: Knock It Off with the dang POINT COUNT!
I don't get it. You can't expect beginners to use judgment to decide how high to bid. You prefer to leave them with no evaluation tools at all? What do you suggest?
How long should it take?
What Jeff said. :)
Motions before the BoD.
I believe the club help line is already staffed by a number of people working off site or from home, especially during evenings and weekends.
ACBLScore in a multiple monitor environment
Snipping tool is a good idea -- takes an image of the screen and puts that up. Instead of that I've been doing "select all" "copy" and "paste" the text of the results into a Notepad window. Then I can change the font size, and so on.
Motions before the BoD.
Well shoot, I was looking forward to meeting you here. :/
Mnemonics, Acronyms, or Abbreviations
Here you go ... New players usually have trouble finding takeout doubles when the opponents open the bidding. Clearly the double is the first thing to look for. So I made a "checklist" to use when the opponents have opened the bidding. Go down the list in order. First look for ...
Advertising your club
For the past several years I've only offered classes, not a club game. I leveraged the reach of the local community college by offering "bridge" through their extension program. Twice a year the college would mail a course catalog to a fair chunk of the local population, and in ...
Designing a better "Ecosystem"
Intentionally starting from scratch, yes. We’ll talk in Las Vegas.

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