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Morris Jones
Morris Jones
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Dec. 6, 2010
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Bridge Teacher
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Teacher and Club Director, NAP Coordinator for District 23 (Los Angeles). Software engineer for DreamWorks Animation, amateur astronomer.

United States of America

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Tor Hylbom
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Two over one game forcing
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Looking for help from "bot" users
They're still running the Flash site, but Flash will cease being supported by Adobe in 2020. (It's a never-ending cesspool of security and performance problems in the IT world as a whole.) It's worth giving it up on BBO and moving to their HTML interface now. Go ...
Looking for help from "bot" users
It's all there on BBO, it's just insanely difficult to find. If someone from BBO will take a phone call, you might get someone to walk you through it. It also might have moved around since I used it all a year ago. They've had to overhaul ...
Half tables
I believe I'll always have them as an option for playing the boards you'd be missing otherwise. I think it's reasonable to leave the round unscored as well. I'd like to try giving players the option of taking the score or a "No play" on the ...
Half tables
I gathered a lot of experience with robot half tables for my Monday evening NLM game in Pasadena last year. tl;dr: For a normal club game of any experience level, it will probably generate more bad will than good. I used all of the tools written up by Mike ...
List things that the average “beginner/novice” just doesn’t understand
Bridgefeed: "The 2NT Yips" :)
I could but I won't say "Say it ain't so, Jim!" Except I just did. :) Have fun!
Looking for help from "bot" users
I had no problem dealing with BBO for this, don't know why you might be. Here's what you need to do though: Go ahead and create the accounts you'll need. You need at least three: one for East, one for West, and one for the Director. Accounts ...
Best Practices Workshop
When I took the TAP course in 1995 (from Jerry Helms), you were taught how to teach the ACBL Club Series, which is what I did for a dozen years or so. I ran through a refresher in 2009 to discover that they only offered a smorgasbord of available curricula ...
What rules do you ever let "slide" based on experience level?
As I was directing District 23's first NAP Unit Final last weekend, I overheard at a Flight C table the declaring South player asked to see the trick again, and her opponents refused with a bit of attitude. South was taken aback, naturally. Since I was floating nearby, I ...
What rules do you ever let "slide" based on experience level?
Let me just say ... It's really hard for me to refuse when an opponent says, "Can I see that trick again?" after quitting their played card. First I want to say, "You mean 'may I?'" then I bite my tongue and show them my card.

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