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Murat Azizoglu
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March 4, 2011
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about me

I like the intellectual aspects of bridge, reading and thinking about the game, more than playing it. Play mostly online these days.

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Playing with friends at the high school dormitory.
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Reid & Murat
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Defense poll inspired by 'The Greatest Play'
Completely agreed, Michael. These arguments are relevant only when East is a world-class player who will consistently play the J without giving the show away, and also when South is world-class to see it and go with his judgement. It would indeed be ‘the greatest play’ if this happened in ...
Defense poll inspired by 'The Greatest Play'
You are right, of course. I was trying to get to the the right randomization ratio by the "wisdom of the crowds" method. So far, it looks like significantly more than 50% favoring the 7. Suppose you are the declarer, you see the 7 and your Q wins, East following ...
The Greatest Play - which Presentation?
Since the crux of the problem is to determine which of the two presentations is the case at hand, I would have preferred a description which avoided them altogether. That is, show the North/South hands (as you did in page 1) and describe what happens in the first 3 ...
The Greatest Play
It is all in the spade spots.
Make a Grand
Not very hard in retrospect, but I missed the move when East doesn’t cover. Great problem, Franco.
"I've Really Fallen in Love"
I agree that “The Greatest Game” is so much better than “Keep Bridge Alive” and the alternative names I have seen suggested. It is a catchy phrase, much like “The Greatest Generation.”
SiVY: A Story of Youth Bridge Success - Part 1
Wrong first name, you have Oliver in mind.
WOLFSON Wins Vanderbilt
Michael Kamil’s play in Vanderbilt was a pleasure to watch. He might be one of the most underrated players at the top level of bridge.
Declare 7NT on the Nine of Diamonds lead
Here is a way to get a rough estimate of the probability of success. I find this calculation useful since it is doable at the table if you are comfortable doing basic mental arithmetic with fractions. Use the fact that each of the 3 suits can be guarded by one ...
Declare 7NT on the Nine of Diamonds lead
A, 3 rounds of , A. Then start running the diamonds, pitching 2 clubs and a spade. On the last diamond, pitch 9 if it is not good. In the 3-card ending, I play for the black suit squeeze to have succeeded and play spades from the top. This line ...
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