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Murat Azizoglu
Murat Azizoglu
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March 4, 2011
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Oct. 19
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about me

I like the intellectual aspects of bridge, reading and thinking about the game, more than playing it. Play mostly online these days.

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Playing with friends at the high school dormitory.
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Reid & Murat
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Suffer in 6!D
I have too many losers if I lose to trump Q. My plan is to play for doubleton Q and get 3 spade ruffs in the hand. That would get me to 11 tricks (one spade, 3 diamonds, 3 spade ruffs, two hearts and two clubs). I still need another ...
Homage to Michael Rosenberg
(Incorrect idea deleted.) The solution as outlined above by Nigel G. is quite brilliant.
Any converts?
I completely agree with Nikos. I buy almost every bridge book that gets published, but won't buy or read this one. I do not consider this a bridge book.
Lots of Work
I see, you are right about 2-4 hearts. With 4-2, you will have to find CQ (i.e. ruff West's heart exit with CJ or, more likely ruff with CK and finesse the other way). Let's assume you get that decision right 50% of the time and run ...
Lots of Work
Kieran's line succeeds if it avoids the spade overruff (i.e. spades are 4-4, or 3-5, or 5-3 with CQ onside) and hearts are 3-3. There is also an additional chance if it avoids the spade overruff and hearts are 4-2 but clubs behave (2-2 or stiff Q). Using ...
Lots of Work
I agree it is a great play. My point is that it is not that difficult to default into it if you have the right reflex to ruff a second spade and then test trumps. This hand would make an excellent example in a textbook on declarer play.
Lots of Work
This is a nice play, but I'd expect most world-class declarers to find it. At the table I was watching, the declarer (who was also in 5 and got the same spade lead and heart shift) missed the opportunity by winning the heart shift in the dummy. Now ...
Belladonna as declarer
I had not seen this hand, it is really beautiful! He magically makes TWO tricks through a squeeze/endplay.
Did The Blue Team Cheat?
I think this is a poll in rather poor taste. I am sorry I even participated in it by abstaining.
The Talk That Never Was: The Blue Team Rule
So glad to hear the point of view expressed by Justin, Max, et. al. I think this is too rare of a perspective for the good of the game. I also think that UI and its treatment by the average player has become horrible. I would venture to guess that ...
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