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Murthy Ayyagari
Murthy Ayyagari
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April 2, 2012
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21 minutes ago
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Bridge Player
United States of America

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ACBL Ranking
Gold Life Master
Joe and Murthy
2/1 RKC 0314
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Susan Winkler
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Murthy Ayyagari Template
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Brenda and Murthy 9995145,9146962
2/1 RKC0314
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Walter Spiewak
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Howard and Murthy
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Partners Play Different Styles
Why not? i do not see any problem with this type of arrangement for whatever reason..
Robin Hillyard's bidding problem: 7 KQT93 QT2 AKJ8
Robin: I like 3S bid after 3C and 3D.. I play 3S as first or second round control in spades at this point. All bids below game are 1st or 2nd round, all bids above are strictly 1st round..
Winners, Not Losers
Thank you Kit.. Great lesson for counting winners in a suit contract.
Rohit Gupta's bidding problem: K6 AJT96 AK875 A
Perfect 3C bergen raise.. no way can bid premptive 3H with this..No way would I even try slam opposite 3H bid.. with 3C bid, slam will be bid for sure..
Gupta Wins Mixed Swiss
Congratulations to young Anam.. Grossack brothers won fast pairs when they were teens and they won another national title when Zach was less than 20..
MP play problem
Ruff 2nd dia and play small spade to 9.. Possible pitch of club on 4th heart if spades break 3-2
Who should be blamed more?
1H-2D-4H-X shows that E/W have at least 10H between them,, now 4S-5H now may be 11 H between E/W
Who should be blamed more?
I just do not like South's bid of 2D.. South is just too powerful to bid 2D.. I like 2H..But even x might be ok.. and then to pass 5HX is unforgivable.. The bidding shows North had either a singleton or void in H..
Bridge Students in Springfield, MA
Super job by Derrahs.. Kudos to New England School Bridge and Dean.. Keep up the good work, Jeff :)
An "offbeat incident"
Gary: is this packet available to all ACBL members? If so, can I have a copy?

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