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Neal Smith
Neal Smith
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June 4, 2013
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7 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

After 40 years as ACBL member, finally had time to play regularly starting in Jan 2013, and made LM June 2014.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Wins: Regional 0-20 pairs (1970s); D21 Flight C GNT, 1998; Phoenix (OR) Sectional Swiss, August 2013; Seaside (OR) Regional Gold Rush, Sep 2013; Sun River (OR) KO Bracket 2, May 2014; Medford Regional B Swiss, May 2017.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Phoenix, OR
Favorite Tournaments
Medford (OR) Regional, Seaside (OR) Regional, Sun River (OR) Regional
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Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Easier Than Eleven
I’m with Shawn. AJ tight is not worth a full 5 HCP. QJ tight is not worth a full 3. I’d open 1 but I think it will be very hard to find game.
Easier Than Eleven
One might also expect West to open 1 third seat NV holding 5 spades to the KQ and the K. Of course West may not have 5 spades. Still, it is a clue that might be considered during the play.
How Angry Should We Be?
This event actually had 35 teams entered. The directors - ignoring conditions of contest that require minimum 5 teams per bracket - divided it into 5 brackets of 4, 8, 8, 8, and 7 teams. The conditions of contest called for handicapping if there were fewer than 3 brackets, so that did ...
A thought much would it be worth to see dummy before the lead?
I assume the conditions of contest are rubber bridge or Chicago with total points scoring, single table. Not duplicate.
Modify style with vulnerability?
Check out these articles by Andrew Gumperz:
Memphis NABC+ Appeals Cases
Case 2. As a hearing deficient player, I can't tell you how often players mumble their explanations. Asking them to say it again gets the same exact mumble, so I often resort to asking my partner to repeat it for me (which he knows to do word for word ...
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
But this was with screens, so West could have provided an explanation to South without transmitting UI to East. That he failed to do so when East clearly understood is a great basis for an adjusted result.
The ACBL and the 15 second rule
So it's 15 seconds per 2 bids. So South takes 14 seconds to make some bid that gives me a problem. I have to solve it in 1 second? Example (2H) - X - (4 in 14 seconds) ?
This isn't "Just bridge"? USBC Appeal #2
Wow, I'm on a completely different wavelength here. "Stayman with a stopper" is one of the common uses for this sequence, and it is clearly what West intended and expected his partner to understand. Also, from the discussion above, it's clear that Leb follow on agreements have no ...
Grassroots Participation in ACBL Elections
Andrew, Unit and district officers have access to ACBL member directory. ACBL policy restricts how the information may be used, but getting address, phone number and email for everyone in a unit or district is not a problem.

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