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Neal Smith
Neal Smith
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June 4, 2013
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23 hours ago
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Bridge Player
about me

After 40 years as ACBL member, finally had time to play regularly starting in Jan 2013, and made LM June 2014.

United States of America

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Bridge Accomplishments
Wins: Regional 0-20 pairs (1970s); D21 Flight C GNT, 1998; Phoenix (OR) Sectional Swiss, August 2013; Seaside (OR) Regional Gold Rush, Sep 2013; Sun River (OR) KO Bracket 2, May 2014; Medford Regional B Swiss, May 2017.
Member of Bridge Club(s)
Phoenix, OR
Favorite Tournaments
Medford (OR) Regional, Seaside (OR) Regional, Sun River (OR) Regional
ACBL Ranking
Bronze Life Master
Sorry, this user has no cards yet.
Why is it so hard to find a partner . . . for another (as director)?
When they show up needing a partner, take their $$ before telling them who their match is ;) More seriously, when I first went to the local club after moving to the area, I was paired up with someone from Jays category 1. We came in 2nd. Finding partners was never a ...
Offsite polling
The poll could be open to any BW member. But vote tallying would only count votes from people who had preregistered and whose documented skill level put them in the peer group.
Away from Tannery Row
Even more basic: when the bidding begins with Pass - Pass in tempo, why does 3rd hand need a huddle? Were they not thinking about their possible opening bid from the moment they picked up their hand? When they finally put a 1 level bid on the table, everyone knows it ...
Experts playing against newcomers and director calls
Let's not overlook the role of the director in helping the newcomers feel OK about all this. The director knows (or should know) who is new, and should be careful to communicate the ruling in a friendly, non-accusatory way that helps the newcomers learn that the director call is ...
Honolulu BRP 7NT Lead Discussion
"If there was any BIT at all, it can only be because South has an ace. Keep in mind that this isn't some normal competitive auction where it would be expected that there would be a few seconds delay. This was a final 7NT call. 99% of the time ...
HNL: Blue Ribbon A!D: MIA
I play bridge in a different world, Chris. If I had bid 7 NT off an AK, when 7 was cold, and told opening leader what to lead, and then objected when opening leader led what I told him to and set the contract, well, I'd be pretty ...
Bridge Winners Hawaiian Pipe Dream
Peter, see what happens when you don't listen to big brother at the ACBL and stay in the host hotel.
Two Fundamental Assumptions that I think BW "bashers" are wrong on
Fear not, Scott, your precious masterpoints will go into a lockbox and be kept safe until you reactivate your membership!
Future NABC sites?
Or Mexico, but then change it to LA at the last minute!
Future NABC sites?
Disagree. As a 999er, if there were meaningful events with limits below 2,500, I would attend NABCs. But those are few and far between. Red Ribbon Pairs, and what else?

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