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June 17, 2015
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Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
This is complete and utter bull...when have Team Members ever been aware of and bore negligence or fault in respect of the violation???
Zimmerman Reinstated as Winners of Rosenblum Cup 2018
Sure, but they mean the others not themselves, this incident being a good case in point.
‘China‘s official policy (towards drugs) is different‘ You bet it’s different. Since the first opium war (1839-42) and the second opium war (1856-60) the country was opened, ports have been created or occupied, the (whole) country was raped by mainly first one European power in order to create ...
Drop-Outs from World Championships
This is not a China thing. Visa applications for most, if not all, countries ask for e.g. ‘Do you have a criminal record in China (for China) or in some other country?‘ If you tick ‘yes‘ you might not or will not get a visa.
First Official Collusive Cheating Case in Turkey!
Unfortunately money always prevails over moral high ground.
Drop-Outs from World Championships
The new Silk Road (for bridge).
1S (4H) 4N = ?
Probably best is to play it two-way, minors or a (very) good raise.
The notorious doctors
David, appeasing the Dres. means by implication that the rights of the players subjected to their illegal methods in the 1st session have been completely neglected. I do hope that you are wrong, which would still leave the question of a time limit for a systemic application of illegal methods ...
The notorious doctors
Sure, so I am surprised that there is a protest period in place against a systemic exercise of an illegal advantage. Shouldn’t the organisers not have had to take them out of the event or at least have had to adjust the 1st session as well? What about cheating ...
The notorious doctors
Thank you Niko. 1st session 61,80% 2nd session 45,78% (adjusted) It doesn’t seem to hurt your scores, if you apply illegal methods, does it? That is, until somebody finds out and complains.

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