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June 17, 2015
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On Bridge Journalism
David, we have already had this discussion so many times in the past on bw. If one wants to have culture change and a change of mindsets, I like a quotation from Seneca: ‘It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare; but it is because we ...
On Bridge Journalism
It’s also easy to do, as a norwegian pair showed in Barcelona, Spain and team Harris showed in Venice, Italy. Both cases have been reported here on bridgewinners. There are a couple of other examples known from other tournaments, where players showed how easy it is to do it ...
On Bridge Journalism
Boye Brogeland When it comes to collusive cheating, I am positive that the game (at the top level at least) is far cleaner today than it was in 2015. Nicolas Hammond There are still some active collusively cheating pairs at the elite level -Boye knows who some of them are- ...
The never ending story
If we accept that ‘pre empts work again (and again)‘ we are actually admitting that our defensive methods and style against pre empts are inadequate.
On Bridge Journalism
Keeping our game clean doesn’t come without costs. Both lawsuits lost, the WBF vs the doctors and the EBL vs F/N weren’t free of charge either.
On Bridge Journalism
"'To imply that 'most of the top pros know who they are' is very disturbing to me." Not implying. Stating. So pre 2015 players knew and chatted at the bar about it, other than that no pasa nada. For post 2015 you are stating that "there remain cheating pairs at ...
On Bridge Journalism
Journalists get invited and payed for on site reporting and bulletin writing at bridge championships. What you get is obsequious and uncritical reporting, but certainly not investigative journalism. He who pays the piper calls the tune.
Who shares responsibility for a bad result?
Passivity rarely pays off at match-points.
Ethics, gamesmanship and the law
Exactly, some might judge the question to be more intrusive than the answer, any answer (especially with the knowledge of the 5-0 heart break).
Mentality of Cheating
Sure, it is often about money AND social standing, public image and prestige. After all bridge is a highly social game. This is why it is essential to expose cheating and put the guilty ones to the pillory, as very few players, if any, like to get associated with a ...

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