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2019 Open European Championships Thread
If you are golf player and convert the figures given by Jan Kamras - €0,92 per board in the early bird package - to golf, this would correspond to the subsequent green fee for e.g. a 17 handicaper: 72 strokes (usual par) + 17 strokes (handicap) + 3 strokes (course rating, exemplary ...
This is old news. According to peoplefinder/EBL Lanzarotti has played in every single Open EBL Championship before and after Teneriffe 2005 and also in some other EBL Championships. As has his ex-partner Buratti (more or less), but since summer 2005 they have not been playing together.
YAC (Yet another claim)
Exactly what I mean, but then the point at issue is “aberration“. Define aberration.
YAC (Yet another claim)
Michael, you are right on this one, I am conceding this case. You got me with “and certainly should not inspire any trust (the word I used and which is important to me)“. No, this claim is not inspiring any trust, that is true. What is also not inspiring any ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
In our usual tournament on BBO claims are rarely accepted. So we often need to play out the most boring hands until the end. The other day I managed to put that player on lead, in a 3-card-ending, who‘s got A Q over dummy’s K x, so the ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
Michael: there seems to be a wide margin of discretion here, this is probably the reason why Jan wrote this thread. You are stating that you would have conceded 7NT but not 7Sp. But the entry problem is absolutely the same. The difference being that you have confidence in declarer ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
Yes, I have but it never got accepted, for some reason they want to have a look at dummy first. But then it is not unheard of that the opps claim along the line: “I have no trick partner, do you?“ “No“ and the cards went back to the board.
YAC (Yet another claim)
I think we should stop to treat every claim like a helpmate problem in chess, anytime there is chance for the contract to go down, the contract goes down. If odds are 1/3 to go down, we can‘t let the contracts go down in 100% of the cases ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
James, right, he claims 13 tricks, so what are the criteria for that? I mean, you can claim anytime for any amount of tricks, rightly or wrongly, but what is the resolution? - Normal(?) play? - All my cards must be higher than theirs? - Maybe he forgot the contract(?), maybe he forgot ...
YAC (Yet another claim)
Michael: no, we should not always ascribe the correct line of play to declarer, only if it is so obvious that even our grandparents would choose that line, should they be alive and be able to play bridge. Aberrations are part of the game, my point being only that in ...

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