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Nicholas France
Nicholas France
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April 18, 2012
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5 hours ago
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Bridge Teacher
about me

Retired Banker now back in school for a new degree


Partners have sometimes alerted my pass as "Does not have 13 cards"

United States of America

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Playing in Orlando in the Board-a-Match with Burrell Humphreys on the 50th anniversary of him winning the event
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Burrell Humphreys
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new minor forcing
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Sapphire Life Master
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Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: 863 QT QT653 J94
Passing a forcing bid is not good for partnership harmony. For those that passed, just what would be a forcing bid
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: J97 A8632 AK6 K2
I know the suit is bad but you have an opening hand and need to get in, in MP. If it was IMPs, I pass as the risk isn't worth it.
Basically they have adopted a convention so that the 2 bid can be passed. This is not standard Bidding although it is popular.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: Q84 --- AKT96 AJ965
If I remember right, the reason was you couldn't lead a trump if partner passed the takeout double.
Leonard Helfgott's bidding problem: Q84 --- AKT96 AJ965
I seem to be in a very small minority here. I only use 2NT with weak hands or with hands that I will force to game. As for the double, I was convinced a long time ago by an article by Larry Cohen that suggested not doubling with a void ...
Nicholas France's bidding problem: A983 7 AJT9842 6
Thanks everyone for voting. My partner held this hand and did open 1 but didn't feel comfortable. I had told her I would have openned 1 and most others would too. This will help her confidence in her judgment.
Where did we go wrong?
I see that you (Mike Ma) is finally getting the concept of Matchpoint bidding. What is right in IMP bidding is another question since you don't mind being in 5 making when 3NT may be making more tricks if it is the safer contract. Len and his partner ...
Where did we go wrong?
You really think the field can't defend. After the auction of 1-3NT you are on lead with Q864 AQ7 54 9752 And you are claiming that you would lead a heart?
Overcall with weak suit?
A little surprised that I was a little bit more conservative than Josh Dunn but the concept is the same. Come in aggresively on the one level especially at favorable colors.
Where did we go wrong?
I'm with Scott here on the auction I like. Just looking at the two hands, where do you want to be in matchpoint? The answer is 3NT. It will make when hearts are 4-4 which is 33% and half the time when they are split worse. So basically you ...

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