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Nick Anand
Nick Anand
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Feb. 22, 2016
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Feb. 16
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about me

Rec player interested in improving my game.


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BW 2/1: After 1!d-2!c
Partner and I generally agree that opener can assume that 2C denies a 4-card major (with an exceptional hand, it doesn't have to but it's the working assumption). So then 2M simply shows a stopper and generally denies another (similar to our sequence after inverted minors) and could ...
Nick Anand's bidding problem: Qx AKQJxx Qx A9x
Maybe it failed because of my play, it looks like a few people made it. I got 31%.
Nick Anand's bidding problem: Qx AKQJxx Qx A9x
spade A 9 8 heart 8 4 3 2 diamond A K 2 club Q 4 2
Nick Anand's bidding problem: AQJTx A9xx Kxx K
Sorry I should mention, afterwards partner and I agreed that 3S was viewed as a cue bid showing Ace of Spades with hearts agreed.
Nick Anand's bidding problem: AQJTx A9xx Kxx K
Nick Anand's bidding problem: Qx AKQJxx Qx A9x
Alright so I bid 4 bid 4NT, and after a 5H response, I went 6H. I went down one. Was trying to see if anything was avoidable on my end.
Shawn Drenning's lead problem: JT3 AKT985 T865 ---
K of hearts, partner should assume it's for count.
Kyle Rockoff's bidding problem: A97 Q A8543 A972
Pass, I trust partner, he'd have bid 3NT if he had it, This is not takeout as we've agreed a suit.
Jeff Ford's bidding problem: 6 54 AKQT54 Q742
3NT, understanding that 3S is probably the bid I should make.....
BW 2/1: Responder's Fourth Suit Bid
When I say punt, context is a little important. Generally after 1S-2D-2H-3C, I envision p with 5S and 4H, and denying good stop in clubs. I am basically denying an 8 card fit in his suits. I am asking p to bid in order: a) NT with a stopper. b ...
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