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Sept. 25, 2016
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Discarding to deceive
I also wonder whether a program would cash A after the A, then take the heart finesse, correctly reasoning that it costs nothing to check for a singleton K.
Nick Hughes's lead problem: KT654 962 AJ9 J4
9 lead was not a success N QT843 W J E AK75 S 962 How do I post the complete layout in a poll?
Discarding to deceive
I guess so, in a top game. As a simple soul, if I saw North - who seems to have five major cards - pitch two spades I would think he had the K.
Discarding to deceive
Depends whether you think four tricks is enough. Q picks up Kx & Kxx for all five club tricks, then you can relax.
Discarding to deceive
North has a few early choices. K or J. Is one the default? Which? Then the second diamond lead might be a middle one, since all are aware of declarer's problem. Declarer rates to have two A-Qs though I guess AKJ QJx is possible. Baring K is probably okay ...
Discarding to deceive
Okay, fixed
Poor overcall leads to poor game
The difference being that a transfer might lead to 4 by South, with West less likely to swing A.
Poor overcall leads to poor game
I ran this through Win BGen, which is a bit crude. 32 hands assuming West had 5-4, East K. 25 times a heart worked, 6 times West had stiff A so South had to lead a spade. With our side having eight hearts, 5-1-4-3 is a bit more common that ...
Poor overcall leads to poor game
Okay, seems clear by the votes a heart is right. I still think it's close. Playing 5 looks like it needs hearts to break, plus the club finesse. Playing 7 needs Kxx exactly onside. In practice a spade is the winning play. Opener had Axxxx A ...
Poor overcall leads to poor game
After a diamond lead, did he make it?
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