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I think there was a time when West could have rescued to 8C, maybe in Auction bridge? Seems reasonable. Why stop West from contracting to take 14 tricks in clubs? That would be -1300 only. Maybe the lawmakers envisaged infinite auctions, with players repeatedly ripping partner's save.
MULTI 2D Responses
Agree with Ron. Needing to cater for the strong hand stifles responder. Good multi auctions like 2 - 3 - 3NT are suddenly fraught with danger. Also, a weak only multi allows partner to semi-psyche, if your moral code and the jurisdiction allow it.
Nick Hughes's lead problem: AJT865 4 A752 AJ
That look pretty good. With 7-4, declarer might (would?) draw partner's second trump before the club play. Partner might have preferred something other than 5 with 3-1-7-2. Maybe 4 fit showing with that? Note that the par spot opposite that shape is probably 5.
Nick Hughes's lead problem: AJT865 4 A752 AJ
Okay, here is the follow-up for any trump leaders who are still with us. You lead 4. Dummy tracks with K974 985 8 97532 Trick one goes 4-9-2-3 Next declarer plays a club up 2-4-K-? Make of partner's club pip what you will ...
Nick Hughes's lead problem: AJT865 4 A752 AJ
The popular trump lead looks safe enough. The risk with DA is not the double void but Kx in dummy. Anyway, I have a follow-up question for you trump leaders, which I will post after the standard hiatus.
Director ruling
North had a second chance to show values by bidding 4NT over 3S, planning to convert 5m to 5H as a mild slam try.
MULTI 2D Responses
Some play 2 - 2 as game-invitational opposite hearts. Then opener bids 3s with a minimum, 4 with a max. That's okay but restrictive on responder. Better is to allow opener to rebid 3/ with s & a max. (You can chat about which minor ...
Nick Hughes's bidding problem: AJ98 J875 T J654
So 50-50, unless - for some reason - you think that the large(r) number of followers of the top five 2 bidders suggests that their votes should carry more weight.
Nick Hughes's bidding problem: AJ98 J875 T J654
DONT is quite subtle. Not easy for partner to know when to pass the 1-suited double. Also, with unknown 2nd suits in most auctions, tough for partner to find the best spot, or even a playable one. For instance: (1NT) 2 (no) ? KT42 63 A42 ...
Nick Hughes's bidding problem: AJ98 J875 T J654
2 = both majors, then 2 asks for longer 2 = 1-suited major 2 = 5 s & 4+ minor 2 = 5 s & 4+ minor 2NT = 5-5 minors 3m = natural "intermediate"
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