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Sept. 25, 2016
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You've seen this trump suit before
Thanks for that. I will dig it out.
Odd-Even and Encrypted Signals
The obvious difference with UDCA is that an even card conveys extra information. Players dither over deciding which switch partner will be more likely to twig to.
Cue bid over a pre empt.
Minors. Particularly important over 3, since you don't want to bury partner's 6-card spade suit. We - and probably only we - play 4NT as natural, say 22-25 or equivalent. Why should we miss out solid 34-count 6NT because someone preempts? We don't play non-leaping Michaels. All this ...
Critique this matchpoint auction
Added the "just bridge" option.
Inviting to 3NT w/o a Four-Card Major by Using Stayman: A Current Problem and a Proposed Solution
I like my garbage, particularly opposite weaker notrumps. There are tweaks for 1NT - 2 - 2 - 2. Mike Lawrence advocated this as weakish unbalanced, often with a singleton heart. Responder might have KTxx x xx KTxxxx Too good to ignore spades, so Stayman then 2 over 2 ...
Sweet textbook hand from Monday night
Yes, it would be a fancy play indeed from T-8-7. Still ...
Sweet textbook hand from Monday night
True, only winning defence. Another issue is the correct line of declarer play single dummy. Say declarer does the right things early on, then leads 9-J-? It COULD be right to ruff this, playing East for 5-3-1-4. Against the odds on the auction but unclear if East-West had passed throughout ...
Revoke established or not?
This is not simple in the low standard club game, where I direct. The key phrase could indeed be "West plays a card on the table" By REVEALING a card, West could simply be saying to the table "This is the one I should have played. It was stuck behind ...
How would you rule?
Looks normal to wind back to 4. If East alerts 2, they make 3NT but I assume North gets to receive the correct information at the most favourable time, when he's about to bid 4. Is that right? South did some strange things but are they ...
ATB, if any, for this missed slam
Khokan, maybe the control-rich East hand with 4-4 majors is too strong for 1NT? (despite no intermediates). There is a view - Beauchamp? - that this shape with 17 points is too much.
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