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Mentality of Cheating
Jeff - you're right as regards the pros. I should have limited my comment to amateur play (Little League in particular). LL rules expressly forbid sign stealing and both the base runner and the manager can get tossed.
Mentality of Cheating
"Stealing signs in baseball - without the electronic and video 'help' - is considered 'fair play'." Not always: there will be a major ruckus if the runner at 2nd base tries to relay signs to the batter.
The more moral game
Ian- as Judit Polgar and her sisters showed, chess can usefully dispel misapprehensions about gender-specific attributes. Former World Champion Garry Kasparov famously wrote "the Polgars showed that there are no inherent limitations to (female) aptitude - an idea that many male players refused to accept until they had unceremoniously been crushed ...
The more moral game
Marty - while itt's true that bridge provides many more opportunities for slimy behaviour than chess, Yugoslav IGM Milan Matulovic- who was famously dubbed Milan J'Adoubovic by his annoyed opponents- shamelessly demonstrated that chess players also face moral dilemmas.
The more moral game
The recent rash of technology-driven chess cheating scandals suggests that what Morphy mistakenly perceived as superior moral fiber instead simply reflected a lack of opportunity.
Episode 14: Meck
Richard - listen to the interview starting at 22:00.
Episode 14: Meck
Ed- that's nothing; wait until you hear about the generosity of Bud R.
Episode 14: Meck
Meck - who seems to have a *very* large repertoire of interesting stories -should write a book. For example, who knew that George Rosenkrantz immediately fired Meckwell from his sponsored NABC teams after Meck, playing for USA in the 1986 Rosenblum, made a successful comic NT overcall against GR, who was ...
A Small Request for a Big New Year
WTF - Weigh this fairly OMG - Offer metacritique gently
SiVY A Story of Youth Bridge Success Part 2
Alan-major kudos to the SYBA: structuring and presenting starter bridge as an effective, enjoyable entry to certain aspects of the national math curriculum was the stuff of genius.

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