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Oct. 10, 2013
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about me

Former rocket scientist forced into early retirement by a terrorist government who knows things that few others know but should know.  If I write more, it might be suggested that I am violating "community guidelines".  To those individuals I would ask, in what forum, regardless of its primary function, could educating people about something that could change the future for all who follow us be in violation of any reasonable guideline?  To those who would deceive, and to those who prefer to remain comfortable in their denial or think that in their dissonance and denial, there is a measure of safety, I would offer this quote from Benjamin Franklin.  


"Those who surrender freedom for security will not have, nor do they deserve, either one."


For those who know me, you well know that I love the game of bridge and take it quite seriously.  Still, there are more important things in this world, and people of conscience have an obligation to each other to protect the future. 

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Control-Showing Bids
The nature of bridge bidding logic is that bids might have an either/or meaning, but one ought to assume a default meaning that provides the most flexibility. In this case, there is a principle of bidding logic known as "game before slam" that applies when strain, level or both ...
I'm still trying to figure out why it took 24 years after his death to put Valeri Kharlamov in the Hockey Hall of Fame. Aside from his sheer brilliance, one might think, after the way Bobby Clarke assaulted him in '72 and again in '76, they owed him. To ...
Official Spanish Team Statement
This, IMO, is less about bridge than it is about human nature and trust. "Trust takes years to build, seconds to break and forever to repair." We could argue what's "just bridge", what should or shouldn't be regulated and what should be disclosed on the convention card, but ...
Punish un-convicted team members?
I was referring to fines levied against an NBO, not the cheaters, not that I am opposed to the latter (just skeptical as whether it can be done). I am not even opposed in theory to criminal prosecution of cheaters. Arguably, they're committing fraud or some other crime that ...
Punish un-convicted team members?
I haven't read the comments, so excuse me if these comments echo some already made: 1. It strikes me as hypocritical for the WBF to sanction an NBO for failing to do something they failed to do themselves -- i.e., protect the integrity of the tournaments they sanction. 2 ...
Fisher-Schwartz's lawyer resigns...
Perhaps not good, but that doesn't make the adage true. It's a matter of time and money. If he's got enough money, he can get learned counsel to do enough work to know most of the relevant history and facts. If he doesn't, and the case ...
Fisher-Schwartz's lawyer resigns...
It is hardly impossible that an intelligent, agile-minded, articulate person who knows more about his own case than he could ever get an attorney(s) to absorb and understand within the constraints of the fees he can afford could represent himself better than counsel. He needs to be motivated enough ...
David Corn's bidding problem: QT73 4 AJ863 972
I agree that penalty doubles of NT bids, weak or strong, should be stronger than 14. I prefer Brozell type doubles -- ie, a good hand with a good lead and expectation of beating it without help from partner. In any case, the question is what to play after a penalty ...
David Corn's bidding problem: QT73 4 AJ863 972
Least of evils facing a double of a weak NT which should show 14+. What are you going to do instead? 2S directly would promise a 5-card suit while suggesting a weak hand. 3D directly is an option but it might be more typically 6 diamonds and less values. Cue ...
David Corn's bidding problem: QT73 4 AJ863 972
I play double as penalties, pass as forcing over 2H. We can drop them in 2S undoubled but we have to bid over this. Pass, then pull seems right.

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